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Emergency Dental Issues That Should Be Treated Immediately

Urgent dental problems can make people feel like they're going crazy. After all, dealing with a persistent and strong toothache all night long isn't a pleasurable experience for anyone – and dealing with a painful toothache while busy at work can be just as difficult and stressful. If you're experiencing issues with your teeth, emergency dental care may be necessary.

Emergency Dental Procedure

People who need emergency dental in Melbourne will usually have many highly regarded clinics to choose from. A trip to an emergency dental clinic can make you feel a lot better, making getting through the day or night a lot more bearable. However, it’s crucial that you’re aware of some of the key signs that may indicate you need emergency dental care, as ignoring a dental emergency for too long can cause a range of negative health problems. Here are some dental issues that should be treated as soon as possible to avoid complications.

An Incessant Toothache

A toothache that won't go away is a typical sign of a dental emergency. If you have a tooth or several teeth that are causing pain, it’s important to get this checked out by a dentist. There are quite a few factors that can cause a lingering toothache, such as tooth fractures and dental cavities. Fortunately, prompt dental assistance can help to alleviate pain and resolve the issue.

Extensive Tooth Trauma

Significant tooth trauma often requires a visit to an emergency dental clinic. If you have a tooth that’s been broken, it’s vital to get this looked at as soon as possible. You should seek assistance even if your broken tooth isn’t causing you any pain, as a broken tooth can cause problems over time if left untreated.


If you have tooth swelling that won't let up, emergency dental assistance is vital. Swelling that occurs in the mouth and around the jaw can indicate the existence of a gum or tooth infection. It may also indicate an abscess, which occurs when pus accumulates as a result of an infection. If you’re experiencing both swelling and pain, this is a warning sign you should pay attention to.

Loss of Teeth

If you’ve suddenly experienced the loss of an adult tooth, it’s important to visit an emergency dental clinic right away. Many things can result in a lost tooth, such as eating foods that are particularly hard or suffering a sports injury that affects the facial area. It's imperative that you place the tooth that’s fallen out in a safe spot until a dentist can attempt to put it back in position.

A Lost or Broken Filling

A dental filling that’s become broken or lost is another dental emergency that needs prompt assistance from a dentist. If you can’t visit a dentist right away, you can place sugarless gum over the tooth to protect it.

In Summary

It's essential to never dismiss any signs of a dental emergency. Fortunately, dental clinics that offer emergency dental in Melbourne are available to assist people who experience an unexpected dental issue.

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