Drug addiction has been around for so many years now. The disease has been in existence since medications were first discovered and used. This disorder, which is characterized by a strong compulsion towards illicit drugs, has already claimed countless lives of loved ones – and will continue to haunt many unless the right drug rehab program is administered among these drug-addicted individuals.


What appears to be a flicker of hope to families of drug addicts is the presence of many drug rehabs that offer various drug treatment programs necessary to combat drug addiction. These drug treatment centers provide breakthroughs in drug addiction treatment that are guaranteed to help solve the problem of drug abuse.

Nowadays, health professionals address the drug addiction problem not only as a disease per se but as a result of many and varied forces. At present, drug rehab centers do not only use the medication in drug addiction treatment. Innovations in drug addiction treatment have resulted in different approaches in addressing this problem. California drug rehabs, for example, offer individualized treatment approaches to its patients. This way, individual needs and concerns of each drug addict are given consideration.

Most drug rehab centers now offer drug detox, an essential process wherein unnecessary and harmful substances accumulated in the body through intake of illicit drugs are removed. Detoxification cleanses the entire system, suppresses withdrawal symptoms, and prevents relapse that is more likely to occur in the future.

Risk Factors for Relapse after Drug Addiction Treatment

Long-term abstinence from drugs or alcohol does not guarantee to be free from relapse. There have been many instances when individuals who have finished drug addiction treatment end up on relapse despite efforts to live drug and alcohol-free lives. This happens even to those who have successfully lived several years of sobriety.

Relapse happens due to many and varied reasons. These risk factors include old friends and acquaintances, personal experiences, as well as negative emotions. Surveys reveal that most drug addiction comes as a result of persuasion from friends and acquaintances that are into any of these vices. As much as possible, do not let yourself be involved in any of your friends who use drugs or are suspected to be using these illicit substances. Otherwise, you’d find yourself in a risky situation again. If there’s any chance you’d accidentally meet up somewhere, say “hi” but never go out with him/ her.

Family circumstances such as the separation or divorce of parents and the death of a loved one, as well as the financial crunch in the family, may also trigger a relapse. These events create a sense of emptiness within concerned family members and are likely to cause relapse even among those who have been sober for a few years. Emotions such as anxiety, disgust, irritability also predisposes relapse and should be addressed as early as possible.

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