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Advice for Those that Require a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

For those that require a wheelchair, or those that care for someone who does, planning any kind of excursion can be extremely stressful and daunting. However, there is a fantastic way around this which will open up an entirely new world and ensure that you never again have to worry about using public transportation. This is to use a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV).

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New Found Freedom

A WAV makes it easy to access for a user, as well as store the chair and further equipment. They are large automobiles which have been converted specifically for wheelchair users; in many cases, you can fit many more people in the vehicle at the same time which makes them ideal for families. This opens up an new world and gives you new found freedom and independence. However, it is crucial that you find the right vehicle for your particular requirements.

Identifying your Requirements

There are many WAVs available on the market, so you should not have to settle for one. To find the right one for your needs, it is worth making a list of your requirements. You should consider the maximum number of people you will typically be travelling with, how far you usually travel and how often. You should also consider whether you will often be carrying additional items (prams, shopping, suitcases etc) and whether or not you would prefer a ramp or lift for access. Additionally, you must measure how tall the wheelchair user is whilst sat in the chair as the point of entry/exit must exceed this.

Finding the Right WAV

With all of this information, you can then begin to browse wheelchair accessible vehicles. The quickest and easiest way to narrow results and find a car that is best suited to your needs is to contact leading manufacturers. The top companies work alongside all the major car manufacturers to deliver innovative and brilliantly designed automobiles. They will also have the knowledge and experience to offer their personal recommendation. 

Home Demonstration

It is vital that you schedule a home demonstration and test drive; this is how you know that you have made the right choice and that it is easy for the wheelchair user to enter and exit the vehicle. The test drive, like you would with any car, will give you a greater idea of how it performs on the road.

This advice will help anybody who requires a WAV to find a model which will transform your lifestyle and make any kind of excursion simple and stress-free.

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