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Understanding Recovery

You can probably name at least one person in your life that struggles with addiction. Our current societal culture pushes the idea of a successful job, forcing people to endure levels of stress that is managed in various ways. One of those ways is through substance abuse.  Different substances have different effects on the body and brain, from activating the reward center to disabling one’s sense of inhibition in social situations. Over time, more and more of a drug is needed to induce such physiological changes, and if one complies with this needed increase during each session, substance dependence can be reached.

Understanding Recovery

The Trouble with Detoxifying

Once dependent, the reversal process can be lengthy and torturous. Detoxifying takes a toll physically, emotionally, and mentally. The experience of withdrawal can involve sweating, vomiting, anxiety, and depression, among others symptoms, that can last days to weeks. Different drugs can be more commonly associated with different symptoms during detoxification – for example, heroin has a shorter detoxification of severe flu-like symptoms, benzodiazepine detoxification can have anxiety lasting months, and alcohol detoxification can have tremors lasting weeks to months.

Get Help during Recovery

There are many local and larger-scale rehabilitation centers to aid in the process of recovery. These centers monitor your physical health as your body undergoes the change of removing the dependence on the addictive substance. But more than just ensuring a smooth physical transition out of dependence, these centers often offer the mental-emotional support that is needed to endure the process. Counselors, support groups, and a sense of community can help to ensure people are making sustainable changes.

The Final Word

Keeping your expectations about recovery within realistic limits can set the process up for success. Once one is no longer dependent on a substance, there are still many components of maintaining this level of health, which will no doubt be difficult. However, there are a plethora of resources available to those who pursue recovery!

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