Save Money on Healthcare

4 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare

The cost of healthcare is skyrocketing around the world and Canada is no different. Although healthcare is funded publicly and available to all citizens, there are a number of things which are out of pocket expenses. Having one of the best social healthcare systems in the world, however, doesn’t keep Canadians from spending huge amounts of money on their own care. If you are looking to save a small fortune on healthcare, here are four ways to do just that.

1) Ask If Services Are Really Necessary

Although most healthcare services are covered in full, there are some which require a portion to be paid out of pocket and there are some that are deemed unnecessary and thus, uncovered. You may wish to fight the issue because your physician says diagnostics, for example, are necessary. Unfortunately, this can be time consuming and can be handled in the future. If there is any discrepancy whatsoever as to the necessity of having tests or bloods run, ask if they are absolutely necessary. The number of people paying out of pocket for medical services not absolutely necessary is growing by the day.

2) Search for Cheaper Medications

While name brands from all the global pharmaceutical giants are going to be expensive, you can also find off-label generics at a greatly reduced price. If you go online to a pharmacy locator site, you can find a Canada pharmacy that offers lower prices, voucher codes online or even special deals and coupons, especially for new patients ordering their medications.

3) Focus on a Healthy Lifestyle

Actually, the hidden cost of healthcare has to do with time lost on the job. When you are ill, you obviously need to take sick time, and after so many days are paid under your health cover, you will not be paid for time missed. Live a healthy lifestyle. Eat foods high in fiber, vitamins and minerals and increase the amount of exercise you get as well. Sleep 6 to 8 hours a night and by all means, work on stress reduction. Stress has been linked to a number of chronic illnesses, so by all means, if you want to save money on healthcare, work on reducing stress in your life.

4) Is Healthcare Cheaper Abroad?

One thing we have learned in Canada is that sometimes the procedures and surgeries we want or need are much cheaper abroad. Getting plastic surgery, for example, in Mexico doesn’t mean you will be getting inferior care. Take the time to shop around, read reviews and by all means talk to the provider you intend to visit prior to embarking on the procedure. Beware of bogus clinics, but know there are also reputable ones abroad as well.

Even with social healthcare there are a number of things we need to pay out-of-pocket. Keep an eye on review sites to see what others are saying and you just might have a list of money saving ideas ten pages long. Remember, government isn’t going to pay for more than they are legally required to do. It is up to you to find ways to save money on healthcare and medications, and these ideas are just the start. If you’ll look you are sure to find dozens more. So get busy and get looking. Healthcare isn’t getting cheaper any time soon!

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  • Hey Julius,
    Your article makes sense. I am in India and there are some companies that have really made it easy for people to find out genuine and cheaper services without compromising quality.
    3H Care offers diagnostics through a network of certified labs (at discounted prices). Getting into surgery and medical tourism also.
    1mg – A great resource for finding generic medicines which sometimes cuts down the cost to more than 10 folds.
    I believe that Canada will also be having such providers?

  • Hi its very good information for me its very use full…. thank you for sharing this.


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