Great Healthcare Careers

Great Healthcare Careers for the Squeamish

A career in healthcare can be exceptionally appealing. The pay can be great when working in healthcare. There are many career prospects and chances for further training, you can work in a wide range of different settings, and you get the chance to make a huge difference to the lives of others. However, some people are squeamish and while they want all these benefits they simply cannot stand the idea of working with blood. If this sounds like you, the following list might be able to help. There are some great career options in healthcare without all the blood.

Practice Manager

Becoming a practice manager is a promising option for those looking for great working hours and the chance to have a more flexible work-life balance. Managing a healthcare practice or even starting your own is a challenging career path. You’ll deal with other healthcare professionals and patients day-to-day, managing the smooth running of the practice, keeping everyone happy and up to date, implementing new strategies, training and dealing with any issues or complaints. Working in a healthcare practice is very exciting and you’ll find no two days are the same. You can even take a healthcare management degree online.


As a healthcare administrator, you could work in a practice, hospital, or another establishment. Administrative work in healthcare is challenging and time-consuming. You’ll need fantastic organizational skills and a keen eye for detail.

If you are tempted by a management or administrative position a great place to start would be applying for an MBA healthcare from George Washington University.

Research Nurse

Research nurses work on the forefront of new medical discoveries, helping to find new medication and techniques which could one day save many lives. This is a role for those with an academic interest in medicine who want to spend their career learning.

Mental Healthcare

Mental health is just as important as physical health but so often overlooked. Working as a mental health professional would not just give you the chance to help support patients through both diagnosis and treatment, you’d also be helping to break down the taboos surrounding mental health.

Medical Technician

There are many different paths for medical technicians to take. You could work as a sonographer, performing ultrasound scans, as an x-ray technician, or as an MRI technician. These jobs all allow you to aid in the diagnosis of patients and are incredibly important.


As the nation grows ever more obese, the work of dietitians and nutritionists becomes increasingly important. Dietitians work in schools, practices, hospitals, for charities, and in the community. They help those with weight issues learn to build a healthier relationship with food and educate the community when it comes to healthy eating and looking after themselves. Work like this can help prevent long-term health issues, saving lives and money.

Of course, any job which involves patient contact comes with the risk of exposure to bodily fluids but these careers keep that risk to a minimum. They are all vitally important career paths which would offer you a fulfilling job rich with rewards.

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