Despite our usual routines and checks, our skin is often left to its own devices. You may think that this is fine, but what about all of the elements that it is up against every day?

Following are three of the top ones to watch out for.

1) Nature’s Elements

Wind, temperature and UV rays are the key three to be aware of. Strong wind is most common by the coast, so when you’re on holiday, take note! The wind can deplete the skin of moisture and give it a tight feeling. Soreness and cracking can sometimes follow. Making sure that sensitive areas are covered up and extra rich moisturiser is applied after. This can be the case in both hot and cold conditions.

The sun’s rays are dangerous to both your skin and your health. A suitable factor sunscreen is always advised. Regardless of skin colour, it’s always best to use factor thirty or above. Always make sure to apply your sun cream prior to sun exposure and top up throughout the day. It’s also best to stay out of direct sunlight around midday. Burning can happen in minutes, last for months and the markings can stay for years – never mind the unseen permanent damage you may cause.

It’s also a good idea to buy a chap-stick with added SPF, as the lips are often overlooked when it comes to sun protection and they can just as easily be burned.

 2) Picking and Pinching Your Skin

We all do it. A little picking or squeezing over your black heads and zits is nothing new. But if you truly want clear skin, it’s time to leave it alone. Irritating your spots transfers bacteria around the face, which can lead more infected pores and even more spots! Whatever it takes, leaving your skin alone will let it do its job.

 3) Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking is not good for your health, but it’s also not good for your skin. Cigarettes contain over four thousand chemicals, which deprive your skin of both oxygen and nutrients. In turn these chemicals trigger the destruction of collagen and elastin which keep your skin in shape and looking youthful. In fact, studies show that smoking can add up to twenty years of aging onto your skin!

Even being around second hand smoke can cause damage to your skin. Deeper wrinkles and sagging skin lie ahead should you choose not to quit.

Overall it’s a good idea to invest in trusted and certified natural skin care and to ensure that you’re prepared for battle against all of the elements before you go out. Quitting the cigarettes it a must too.

Do you have any skin loving tips?

[box type=”note”]Gavin Harvey is an avid blogger and currently writes for Salcura.[/box]

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