5 Non-Profit Health Organizations

Donating Where it Matters: 5 Health Organizations That Provide Medical Care to Those in Need

Healthcare is very expensive and many people can't afford it. Further, medical treatment is a luxury for those who live in underserved countries. There are nations where citizens have to travel miles for medical treatment. That's why charitable health organizations need support from the public. Here's a look at some of these charities.

Non-Profit Health Organizations

Transparent Hands

The organization, Transparent Hands, is a non-profit charity that provides free surgeries to Pakistani residents. The organization exists because of donations from its supporters. Anyone can donate by visiting the organization's website. Donors are allowed to specify a patient they're donating for. Representatives keep in touch with donors as to the patient's progress. Many organizations are dedicated to helping the needy. Review the information from lifesaversfoundation.org about the amazing work they do.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of services. The Red Cross sponsors life-saver classes all over the country. Thousands of people get CPR certification thanks to Red Cross-sponsored classes. The organization provides a myriad of services in the event of a disaster. Indeed, this organization's most important contribution to society may be blood collection.

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. About 40-percent of the nation's blood supply comes from Red Cross donations. Additionally, the organization collects blood products like platelets and plasma. Individuals and organizations can help the Red Cross by hosting a blood drive. Visit the website to learn more.

Doctors Without Borders

A bloody uprising in Nigeria led a group of doctors to start this organization. The doctors go around the world helping victims of wars and disasters. Members of the organization believe that all people have the right to medical care. Doctors Without Borders' first mission was in Nicaragua after an earthquake in 1972. In 1975, the group worked in Cambodia helping those trying to escape Pol Pot's rule.

The organization continued to grow and today there are four logistical centers in Africa and Europe. The centers have pre-packaged disaster kits so doctors can fly to disaster areas within 24 hours. Doctors Without Borders won the Nobel Prize in 1999. This valuable organization relies on donations to complete its mission.

St. Judes Children's Hospital

St. Judes is a non-profit hospital that focuses on pediatric ailments and research. The organization was founded in 1962 by the late comedian Danny Thomas. Thomas made a promise to St. Jude when he starting out in his career. He pledged to build a shrine to the Saint if he became successful. The hospital relies on donations for its work and patients are never charged. St. Jude's research staff completed life-saving work involving cancer and other major illnesses. St. Judes treats patients from birth to 25 years of age.

Canadian Diabetes Association

The Canadian Diabetes Association or Diabetes Canada serves 11-million Canadians. Its programs and services help those living with diabetes live a fuller life. Further, the charity raised some $125 million for diabetes research. D-Camps are held annually to provide a unique experience for kids with type-1 diabetes. The organization is supported by Team Diabetes which is a national fund-raising program.

There are many non-profit organizations around the world. Many of them are dedicated to providing healthcare to the less fortunate. These organizations exist because of generous public donations. Donate to one of these charities today.

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