Guide For Buying CBD Oil For Your Dog

Guide For Buying CBD Oil For Your Dog

As a pet parent, keeping your pooch healthy is one of your most crucial responsibilities. At the earliest sign of an illness, you should take your dog to see a vet. Doctors may prescribe a variety of medications meant to make your pet healthy again. One medication that has become popular for treating various conditions in a pet is Cannabidiol (CBD oil). We know CBD products are extracted from the hemp plant and has shown a track record of being effective in treating various health issues both in humans and in animals. There are several scientific studies to support this. But how does a pet owner know if a CBD product is safe or not?

CBD Oil for Dogs

This article highlights some simple factors you should consider before buying a Cannabidiol product for your dog:

Factors to consider when choosing CBD oil

  1. Is it full or broad-spectrum hemp? Cannabidiol (CBD) is found naturally in cannabis and hemp plants. Cannabis contains a high level of THC, which gives marijuana a high or buzz effect in people. Hemp, on the other hand, contains a low level of THC. So, a proper balance of cannabis and hemp will reduce anxiety in a dog and deliver other health benefits without making the dog high. Always check the label of a CBD product to ensure that it has the full spectrum. Being a full spectrum means that the oil contains not only CBD but also has other cannabinoids that occur naturally in hemp, including CBC and CBG. This is a healthy combination that should be given to dogs
  2. Make sure it was extracted safely: CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant to produce a sufficient enough quantity that can be used in treating pets. The method and procedure of extraction determine the quality of the product at the end of the day. There are two ways this is done. It is either by CO2 extraction or by solvent extraction. Cannabidiol made through the CO2 extraction process is more expensive than those produced by solvent extraction. This extraction method also produces oil with a higher level of concentration of CBD than the solvent method. This makes it more beneficial for dogs. Solvent extraction is a cheaper procedure for extracting oil from the hemp plant. However, it leaves residue in the product which may be toxic for pets. Thus, if you can afford to spend a little more, look for CBD oil products made through CO2 extraction. Before you purchase CBD oil, here are some things you should know
  3. Ensure the product is the third party tested: The fact that a CBD oil product is advertised to be healthy for your dog doesn’t give you an absolute assurance that it is so unless it has been tested by a third party. The safest means to know if a CBD product is trustworthy is to check if it is approved or tested by an independent third party. Usually, manufacturers display this clearly on the product label since they know buyers’ look it out. However, you can further confirm a product's authenticity by asking the manufacturer if you can be provided with the certificate of analysis.
  4. Has there been any safety study performed on the oil: Before making a purchase ensure the oil has been tested and approved to be safe for use on dogs or other pets. The pharmacokinetic study determines the dosage of the oil and how much should be taken at once. This test also tells the dose for each different pet; a healthy dose for cats might not be the same for dogs because they do not metabolize products the same way.
  5. Get a recommendation from your vet: While a lot has been said about the benefits of Cannabidiol like every medication, you should not administer it to your pet without a vet’s prescription. Only a vet can determine if CBD is safe for your dog. A veterinarian will also recommend the correct dosage. Your vet might even be able to connect you with sellers that sell genuine products so that you don’t end up with a fake product. Click here for some Cannabidiol buying tips.


Every bottle of CBD oil you see out there is unique in its composition and will have different effects on pets. You can have a shelf filled with 10 CBD oil bottles, and each of them will have a slightly different composition. Purchasing safe and healthy CBD oil is more than just looking at labels or adverts. There is a need for proper testing, approval, and certification by appropriate authorities in addition to the guarantee of authenticity from the manufacturer. Consult the guide above to ensure you get only the best for your dog.

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