How To Get The Most From Your Dentures

Almost 50 million Americans wear either complete or partial dentures. “How to get the most from their dentures?” is a major question for them. Adjusting to the denture side of life might take some time but in due time, and with practice, you will be comfortable with your dentures.

Learning to Eat with your Dentures

Getting used to eating with your dentures will take practice and time. This is because your tongue, lips and cheeks will need time to adapt to the shape and position of the dentures. Eating is usually only problematic when one starts using the dentures. For the first few days, you should avoid sticky, crunchy or hard foods. These include raw vegetables, meat, crisps or hard fruits.

Try soft foods that are easier to chew. Cut them up into smaller pieces and eat slowly but surely. It is a normal tendency to use single side of the mouth when chewing, but try using both jaws. This aids the dentures not to fall out of position; Another thing to avoid doing is cutting or tearing food with your front teeth.

The following eating tips will also aid you in getting the most out of your dentures:
1. Chew up and down, rather than sideways
2. Have a glass of water with your meal to reduce the amount of food sticking on to your dentures
3. Finally, avoid bringing the lower front denture teeth forward against the upper front teeth

Speaking with your Dentures

Dentures initially affect one's speech but will gradually reduce with time. Your stability and comfort in speaking with your dentures can be increased with constant practice of pronouncing words and reading aloud.

All-on-4 Treatment

The all-on-4 treatment is ideally suited to replace a full lower denture. Majority of the people with full upper and lower dentures express that the lower denture is more uncomfortable and difficult to use. The all-on-4 treatment provides a complete bridge on as few as 4 implants in the lower jaw. This can make an immediate difference to the wearer as the pressure from chewing is now exerted through the jaw and muscles as opposed to the gums while using unsupported dentures.

Are you comfy in your Dentures?

Denture Fixatives/pads

Denture fixatives or pads act as aid to dentures. They help keep the dentures in place. The problem of dentures shifting or slipping out of place can be perfectly rectified with the use of denture fixative. By mixing with saliva in the mouth, the fixative forms a sticky combination; this combination is very effective since it makes it hold firmly to the gums due to its sticky/gum-like properties. This enables you to eat and swallow anything without spilling. You may employ the services of a specialist for denture services, maintenance and repairs for best results.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial teeth that orthodontists place in a person's jaw to either hold or replace teeth or bridges. Dental implants also provide support for dentures and make them more comfortable and secure. They support a bridge that is a potentially great alternative to dentures and eliminate the removable option that removable partial dentures give.

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