AcceleDent and Crooked Teeth

AcceleDent And Your Crooked Teeth

What is AcceleDent?

In a nutshell, AcceleDent is a vibration device that speeds up tooth movements. As we all know, so many people have far from perfect teeth and need braces. This device speeds up the treatment process so patients do not have to spend years wearing braces. This device is still in its study period, but so far, has been proven to speed up treatment time significantly. It is reported that it quickens the process from 30% to 50%. AcceleDent is meant for use in conjunction with braces and you ought to remember that it doesn’t eradicate the need for orthodontics.

How Does AcceleDent Work?

The AcceleDent device works by using patented technology to gently pulse the teeth and surrounding dental structures. These gentle pulses target structures such as the periodontal ligament since it is what connects the teeth and the bone. This appliance accelerates the movement of the teeth where other orthodontic treatments such as braces are being used. AcceleDent also works with aligners.

When your dentist is consulting you about AcceleDent, a mouth guard will be provided to you. You may or may not be advised to bite down on the device and if you are, you will feel gentle vibrations. There should be no discomfort from the device.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AcceleDent

Like all dental devices and procedures, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the advantages of AcceleDent are:

  • The AcceleDent system can significantly shorten your treatment time
  • The AcceleDent system can cosmetically enhance your smile
  • The treatment is clinically proven to be effective
  • It covers several orthodontic appliances
  • You do not have to wear the mouth guard constantly.
  • The sessions consists of only 20 minutes every day

Disadvantages of AcceleDent include:

  • Can prove to be ineffective treatment for some cases
  • Not everyone is a good candidate for the AcceleDent system.
  • Price. This treatment is still costly
  • Availability is an issue also
  • AcceleDent is only available in the UK and is not yet FDA approved

Overall AcceleDent is a proven treatment that works well when combined with braces or aligners. The gentle pulses that this device supplies helps the movement of the teeth and targets the major structures of the teeth such as the periodontal ligament. Anyone who wants to speed up his or her braces treatment, AcceleDent may be the right option. It has been proven effective and significantly speeds up the time of an orthodontic treatment.

Lets be fair here, no one wants to wear braces or aligners for a long time and this could prove a good option.

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