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Your Complete Guide to Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Achieving the physique worth admiration is something that a lot of people dream about. For this reason, they enlist in the nearest gym and start working out. Several weeks later, after they discover that the results are not as satisfactory as they expected, they usually give up instead of looking for reason why this is so.

The truth, however, is that regardless of how rigorous your training might be it simply must be coordinated with your nutrition. It is for this reason exactly that both pre/post-workout nutrition is as vital for your figure as the training itself. Furthermore, if you play your cards right and combine these two properly, you will also do your health a great favor. With this in mind, here are some basics of pre/post-workout nutrition.

Pre Post Workout Nutrition

It Is the Calories That Count

Now, first of all, there are various myths concerning the ideal number of meals that you should be having daily; however, there is little truth to these claims. A research study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2010 shows that the only thing that matters is the number of calories one consumes daily, and not the frequency of meals. Sure, there are some daily fluctuations, but the results always stay about the same. This is why you need to envision your optimal physique. Also, you should do some research for finding the ideal daily calorie count for own your personal physical aspirations.

Additionally, a study from May 2014 claims that since every meal tires your liver, the more times you eat a day, the less time it has to recuperate. This can lead to serious problems like phenomenon, or otherwise known as the fatty liver. All in all, speaking about the ideal number of meals a day for a dreamlike physique doesn’t matter. Still, when it comes to your health, you shouldn’t push it too far.

Pre-Workout Meal

Even though there are some myths about this as well, organizing your pre-workout meal is as easy as it gets. First of all, you shouldn’t eat at least two (ideally three) hours before the workout. If you start a heavy weight lifting workout on a full stomach, for instance, you could get easily nauseated. This alone is extremely inconvenient and can diminish your performance at the gym significantly.

Other than that, your pre-workout meal should be as energizing as possible. This means a lot of fiber filled nutrients like oats, full grains, wheat, or corn. Furthermore, you will need a lot of proteins as well so eat as much lean meat as you can; for other protein sources, you can turn to eggs or beans. Beans are extremely energizing and contain high volumes of calcium as well. This is why they are an adequate substitute for milk for those that are lactose intolerant.

Healthy Diet for Workouts

Post-Workout Meal

During your workout (if it is done properly), you will lose a lot of energy but also a lot of essential substances from your body. Even though some would say that it is all about losing fat, and that this is therefore not a big deal, fat is not the only thing you will lose. After an intensive workout, you will need something to lift you up, which is why carb and protein rich food is a definite must. This puts protein shakes, rice, and chicken at the top of the pyramid. Furthermore, in order to fully utilize your replenishment process, you can always resort to using recovery drinks like those at You deserve nothing but the best.

Never Go Hungry

However, the most important and absolute paramount factor here is to never allow yourself to go hungry. If you decide to regulate your weight by exercising, starving yourself is simply out of question. Replenish your food supplies as soon as you finish training and NEVER EVER go to training on an empty stomach. Even though we said no eating at least three hours before the workout is ideal, you will have to grab a snack in this period in order to re-energize yourself. Here, a simple energy bar or a banana (nature’s energy bar) can be of an invaluable assistance.

All in all, by combining proper training routine with proper nutrition, you should be able to reach the physique of your dreams in no time. Never be afraid to try something new, work hard, arm yourself with patience, and (most importantly) do your homework. The world is your oyster.

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