Why Sex is Actually Good For You

Why Sex Is Actually Good For You

Sex is fun; it’s stimulating, and it’s enjoyable. It’s a natural urge in the human race that was once all about procreation and is now about pleasure as well. So it’s no wonder that it tends to be on people’s minds rather a lot. What you might not realize, though, is that sex is actually good for you and can make you a much healthier person. Here are the reasons.

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Stress Relief

Sex reduces blood pressure levels and the symptoms of stress. It’s an immediate thing; your levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) will lower, and your levels of serotonin (the happy hormone) will rise, making you feel fantastic. It’s also a long-term fix; if you have sex more often, then your reactions to stressful situations will be much less harsh, and you will not only be calmer in general, but you’ll be able to take a moment to step back and assess the situation better.

Better Immunity

Your immune system often needs all the help it can get – there are so many diseases and illnesses that can attack it. One way to boost your immunity is to have sex once or twice a week. This level of sexual activity produces more immunoglobin A (IgA) which is an antibody. Its job is to protect your body from infections such as colds. Interestingly, the study showed that those who had sex three or more times a week had the same level of immunoglobin as those who were abstinent. Once or twice seems to be the optimum amount.

Calorie Burning

Like any form of exercise, sex burns calories. Half an hour of sex burns around 85 calories. That may not sound like much, but it’s far better than not burning any calories at all!

Good For The Heart

The heart is a muscle that must be looked after at all costs, and sex is – according to the research – one way to do just that. Although some people may worry that sex with someone who has a weak heart could cause them more damage, it’s actually the opposite that is true because sex improves circulation which in turn makes the heart work at its optimum level. Those who have sex once or twice a week can have their chances of a fatal heart attack halved.

Good For Self-Esteem

For those who suffer from low self-esteem, the world can be a terrible place. They can feel unhappy and unproductive, and they might miss out on many different opportunities because they just don’t feel they are good enough. Having sex can boost self-esteem levels making it much easier for them to go out into the world and succeed. Regular sex combined with certain penis enlargement medications can work even better. If you want to go down this route, then check out dick enlargement pills reviews penisenlargementreviews.org so you know which option is the right one for you.

Better Sleep

After you reach orgasm, your body produces the hormone oxytocin, and this promotes good sleep. If you get enough sleep, you are less likely to develop some cancers, anxiety, heart issues, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and many other complaints and diseases.

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