How to Begin With Healthy Body Building

How to Begin With Healthy Body Building

Fitness and workout have always been highly recommended by all medical professionals and researchers. However, it was not until the time when the fashion and lifestyle industry took over the fitness world, that the general public suddenly felt the need to get fit. The glam world is it showbiz, the fashion industry and even sportspersons have been a source of inspiration and role models for many. More often than not, it is these celebrities who set the body and lifestyle goals for the masses and consequently, the fitness goals are often driven by celebrities too. That is probably the reason why you will commonly notice fitness regimes named after celebrities such as Kim Kardashian than after medical necessities.

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Although on the bright side, the fashion and lifestyle fever has urged many people to take up fitness seriously, there has been a downside to it too. Often, the media industry ends up encouraging unrealistic and unhealthy body goals such as size zero, and as a result, people get into rigorous crash workout boot camps and crash diet plans. These crash programs eventually backfire and can have detrimental effects on your health in the long run.

Thanks to the body positivity and anti-size zero campaigns by various pressure groups, the size zero fever is gradually subsiding but bodybuilding is the new fitness trend across the globe. Although bodybuilding itself does not have any negative effects on health, unlike size zero and crash programs, it is extremely important that it is done in a right manner and all bodybuilding safety rules are taken care of in order to avoid injuries. If you are a newbie to bodybuilding and fitness programs, here is all that you need to know about bodybuilding in a healthy manner.

Body Building VS Weight Loss

The first thing that you need to understand is that bodybuilding is not the same as your regular weight loss programs. While weight loss programs purely focus on shedding fat and losing the digits on the weighing scale, bodybuilding focuses essentially on your muscle growth. It focuses on turning your fat into your muscle, thereby shaping and toning your body and therefore you might not lose much on the weighing scale but you will shed your inches and will gain muscle strength.

Eating Right

Eating right, eating healthy and eating on time is crucial for a healthy bodybuilding regime. Bodybuilding involves a lot of muscle work with workouts based on strength and endurance. The meal plans are designed to increase metabolism and allow faster recovery of muscle and muscle regrowth. Generally, high protein and low carb diet are recommended since protein helps in building stamina and strength. Cut down any sugar intake and switch to brown carbs. It is recommended to eat in small portions after every few hours.


Bodybuilding workouts are very extensive and require your muscle to recover in order to avoid injuries. It is essential that your body gets adequate rest before you begin your next work out session. Sleep on time and make sure you have a minimum of eight hours of sleep daily.

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