Three Reasons Why Owning a Pet is so Great for Health

Three Reasons Why Owning a Pet is so Great for Your Health

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, colors and ecosystems. They are companions through and through. They can help support you through the worst of times and are there with you to celebrate the best. Some pets are, of course, more loving than others. A dog is a companion while, for example, a fish or a bird are creatures to look after. No matter what pet you have, however, it can be incredibly beneficial to your health. Simply taking care of another creature can help many people stay on track and to work through their problems.

Why Owning a Pet is so Great for Your Health

There are so many reasons to keep a pet. From love and responsibility to simply enjoying the life of another creature in your home, here are the top three reasons you should get one today:

Pets Help with Social Needs

Pets, like children, have their own needs. These needs range from physical, to mental, to even social, but unlike children, pets will always be entirely dependent on you. It can actually help with your own social needs. So long as you properly train your pet (dogs and cats especially), you can live together harmoniously in a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties. Dogs, in particular, can be critical to helping their owners with social needs. The better the animal is at fulfilling these social needs, however, the more critical training is.

If you have a new dog in your life, then, you will want to take it to a pet store like Kellyville Pets where you can not only get all the toys and treats you need to reward your new puppy for good behavior but where you can also sign up for puppy training classes. Keep training them, and your dog can be as helpful a companion as he is a friend.

Pets Can Help Us Stay More Active

Owning a dog is the best way to stay active on a regular basis. All dogs, big and small, need walks. The larger the dog, the longer and more often you will need to walk them for them to stay fit and healthy. It will encourage you to get out of the house more, go to dog parks (where you could even make new friends!), go on hikes, bike rides, and enjoy more of the outdoors. This way, you can stay active, fit, and help your new family member have a great life.

Pets Improve Mental Illness Symptoms

Dogs and other pets are known as service and support animals for a reason. We feel such a bond to these domesticated animals that they can immediately help ease the pain of many mental illness symptoms. Those with anxiety or depression can feel instantly better just petting an animal, and then, of course, there is the matter of care. Depression, in particular, can result in the person in question to withdraw and stop taking care of themselves. When you have a dog or cat to take care of, however, you need to live with a routine. You need to feed them; you need to care for them, clean them, and in some cases, take them out for walks. Living for something else because they depend entirely on you can be the trick to keeping you active and looking after yourself.

The trick is to find the right animal that helps you best. Creatures that have empathy and create a real bond with you are best, which is why you will see a dog as a support or service animal more than any other creature. Birds and rodents, for example, do need to be taken care of but often lack the social bond that dogs and even cats can provide.

Cats, as it stands, are great except for the daily exercise component, as they do not need walks. Some live outside; others are happy to be indoors all day. This added level of independence can be great for some, but not for all. If you find you need more reasons to get outside in the world, then a dog is your better fit. If you only need a companion and someone to take care of but are scared of, don’t like, or otherwise cannot provide for a dog, then a cat is perfect for you.

We don’t just live with pets or take care of our pets. Our pets take care of us in a variety of ways. From how relaxed we feel from petting them to the secondary benefits that arise due to caring for them, like sticking to a routine or getting more regular exercise. Whatever pet you own, you will feel a positive influence in your life, so be wise and choose the animal that compliments your life best today.

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