Tips to Create a More Productive Day with Immobility

Tips to Create a More Productive Day with Immobility

There are days when we are doing our best, we can get 10 things done all at once and everything is good and well. However, for some these days are rare and procrastination is the master around the house, and it gets just worse if you're immobile temporarily. 

Many times, especially on Mondays, it is hard to get out of that weekend mood, and it's only until the end of the week when you are worried about getting things done. If that's something you do, then just hang on tight, because we're going to tell you a good deal of secrets which will help you become very productive!

To Do List of Things

One thing at a time

Give yourself a break, mate! Stop cramming in everything at once. Many would say that multitasking is cool, but it actually is an obstacle to your productivity. If you use your energy rightfully on one task, and then move on to the next one, you'll soon realize that you're doing much better. And your brain and body will actually be very thankful to you! It is very important to look after your well being. 

Reduce distractions

You won't be able to focus on a single task if your phone keeps on ringing or your kids keep making their way into the room. Surround yourself with a healthy working environment, where you feel at peace and can work most comfortably and without any interruptions. Here's a tip: keep your phone on night mode, that way you'll get only the important calls or messages. So, lock that phone away when you want to be productive. 


Pre-planning will help you with plenty. If you have everything up on a little to-do notebook, you'll notice that as deadlines come nearby, you'll naturally want to get things done. You wouldn't feel stressed last minute and you would not definitely forget anything that you are doing. 

Maintain work-life balance 

Your work is important, but so are you and your family. You can't forget yourself and just focus on work. With mental peace, anything is possible. Making time for family is essential. Hang out with some friends, take a day off. You won't gain anything from burning yourself out. 

Don't cling on to your inbox

Phones can be a person's major distraction. If you keep answering calls and getting back to messages every 2 seconds, there's a high chance you wouldn't do anything else but rather just end up scrolling through your social media in the meanwhile and completely forget work. Get a grip and control yourself. You should have a set time of when to check your mail and inbox. 

Avoid meeting 

Meetings are a waste of time. Something that you could have done in less time with lesser people, takes more time and wastes even more people's time. Either send in emails with whatever instructions you wish to give, or have a moderator do that for you. You save time and get things done. 

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