Going to the Dentist Regularly

Look and Feel Your Best by Going to the Dentist Regularly

Don't let the office-filled skyscrapers and thousands of people commuting to and fro their workplaces fool you. Despite being one of Sydney's most bustling business districts, there are plenty of fun activities to do and exciting places to visit in Chatswood. From shopping complexes, eateries, public art venues to parks, living in this suburb with a population of 24,913 gives you plenty of things to smile about.

Going to the Dentist Regularly

Speaking of which, keeping your smile beaming is of utmost importance. Contrary to popular belief, it's not just for making you look younger and friendlier. It's also for fending off many serious problems concerning not only the mouth but the rest of the body, too. So, all you Chatswood, you might be visiting a dentist in Chatswood regularly, right? If not, these reasons will explain why you should:

Dental Issues

There are many problems concerning the oral cavity that may come into being if you fail to visit a dentist every six months or as needed. Some of them are simply the outcomes of pre-existing dental issues. For instance, tooth decay can easily lead to halitosis, or what everybody else outside the medical community refers to as bad breath.

Fortunately, many dental problems tend to alert you with unusual signs and symptoms the moment that they pop up.

The best time to step foot inside a dental clinic is during the beginning stages of the problem. For instance, gingivitis, which is the mildest form of gum disease, can be easily treated. However, if it's not seen by a dentist right away, it can progress to periodontitis, which can cause irreversible damage to the gums and bones.

Heart Problems

Believe it or not, the state of your oral cavity can affect your cardiovascular health. That's because poor dental health can increase your risk of having a bacterial infection in the bloodstream. When bacteria from your mouth end up in your heart, the heart valves are placed in danger. This is especially risky for people with artificial heart valves.

At any given time, there are billions of bacteria in your mouth. This doesn't mean, however, that your heart is in peril. A problem concerning the heart is likely to happen when gum disease is present, especially if it's left untreated and has progressed.

If you care about your ticket and want to live a long and happy life, immediately visit a dentist in Chatswood, as soon as an oral problem appears.


Problems concerning the heart valves are not the only serious matters that can stem from bacteria in the mouth ending up in the bloodstream. According to health authorities, it can also cause your blood sugar levels to rise. This can put you at risk of having diabetes. And if you already have diabetes, it can cause the problem to worsen uncontrollably.

One problem can feed the other. Gum disease can cause oral bacteria to worsen diabetes, and diabetes can cause gum disease to go downhill.

That's because, high blood sugar levels due to diabetes can make it extremely difficult for the body to fight off infections, such as one that is taking place in the oral cavity. Because of this, someone with diabetes may have a hard time bouncing back from gum disease.


A dentist can help make your smile beaming by dealing with an assortment of dental issues. Similarly, he or she can help you stay in the pink of health.

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