Is Balloon Septoplasty Right For You?

Is Balloon Septoplasty Right For You?

Balloon septoplasty is a surgical procedure that is aimed at dilating a person’s nasal passages in order to facilitate a more effective drainage. This procedure is usually aimed at solving issues with breathing related to a deviated septum.

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When Should a Person Undergo a Balloon Septoplasty Surgery?

Balloon septoplasty is a procedure that is most beneficial to people suffering from chronic sinusitis. Sinusitis is a condition in which the cavities around the nasal passages become inflamed. It becomes chronic when it lasts up to eight weeks and is seemingly caused by an infection.

There are other reasons that could warrant the need for a balloon septoplasty. However, these reasons are usually treatable with certain medications or lifestyle changes. If alternative treatments don’t work, then a balloon septoplasty may be the best way to go.

How is Balloon Septoplasty Performed?

Balloon septoplasty is a fairly easy procedure and is FDA approved. Firstly, the nose is numbed up. This is unlike other sinus surgical procedures where general anesthesia might need to be administered. To numb the nose, an anesthetic solution is placed on cotton and inserted into the nose for at least 20 minutes.

After the nose is numbed up, a balloon-tipped catheter is placed on either side of the septum (the septum is a wall that divides the left and right side of the nasal cavity). The balloon is thereafter inflated, therefore slowly repositioning the septum to a better position. After achieving the desired position, the catheter is removed and the action is repeated on the opposite side.

After both sides of the septum have been adjusted, the doctor might then remove any other obstacles therein your nasal cavities in order to facilitate easier breathing.

Advantages of a Balloon Septoplasty

Those whose conditions can be remedied by just a balloon septoplasty procedure stand to enjoy some advantages over those that will have to undergo an invasive sinus surgery procedure.

For one, the procedure causes minimal pain, and the recovery period is usually easier and shorter. There is also no need for the patient to be absent from school or work, as he/she can go on with his/her daily activities as usual. The patients also bear lesser risks as the common ones are bleeding and a failure of the procedure readjusting the septum. In the case of the latter, a normal septoplasty might need to be carried out.

Recovery Period

Someone who undergoes a balloon septoplasty is not expected to follow many instructions during recovery. However, it is recommended that the patient keep the nose moist with a saline spray from time to time. The use of corticosteroid nasal spray to keep inflammation down is also advised.

So, if you are thinking about going for a balloon septoplasty, this piece throws more light on what it entails, and you can now make an informed choice. The good news is, if you have health insurance then your insurance company may most likely be the one to pay for the procedure should you decide to have it done. 

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