The Power of the Mind

The Power of the Mind

Scientists have revolutionized how we think about the body. What appears to be a three-dimensional structure, is a chemistry that describes a constant flow of information and energy. As you read this article, your body is changing and reshuffling its molecules with the universe. In fact, the body that you have right now is not the same as the one you had yesterday. While all these facts are astonishing, there is nothing that has more power over the body like your mind.

How does the mind control the brain?

The mind controls brain chemistry. Thoughts, emotions, and feelings manufacture neuropeptide molecules that travel throughout the body. The atoms attach themselves to the receptors of neurons and cells and initiate changes to your body. These molecules deliver instructions that direct your body to operate in a specific manner, based on your thinking.

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One way this reveals itself, albeit tragically, is through hard drug addiction. Substance abuse alters brain chemistry and forces change the mind. Regardless of the addiction, Luminance Recovery offers several different types of substance abuse treatment and caters the treatment to each person’s specific needs.

In regard to diseases, our mind is crucial as it determines how we experience symptoms such as fatigue, pain, nausea, and depression. For example, stress or fear increase the heart rate. As a result, your bowels may start to empty. In such cases, an immune response known as inflammation is triggered. This does not mean that diseases and their symptoms are all in the mind. The processes occur unconsciously and we cannot wish them away. However, positive thinking techniques can be used to initiate recovery processes.

How to use the healing power of the mind?

Researchers have proven that meditation has a healing effect that mirrors the effects of physical exercises. Many doctors are now using mind techniques to help patients overcome deadly diseases, including HIV and cancer. Physicians require their patients to see psychologists because of the power of the mind. Most of these people suffer from chronic diseases and depression. While physical therapists provide crucial recovery tips, the psychologists are the best-suited professionals who can help such patients overcome their illnesses.

Psychologists play a huge part in cancer treatment processes and rehabilitation programs. Patients who are suffering from chronic diseases are usually depressed. The professionals advise such people by helping them to accept their conditions. The body cannot begin to heal if the mind is in denial. Employing a psychologist in drug rehabs has become a mandatory requirement in most countries. These professionals enable drug addicts to reform by guiding them through each step.

Recovering from a depression or an addiction can be a tall order. Psychologists have to apply specific techniques to enable their patients to initiate a recovery process. While these methods are commonly applied in a drug rehab, they can also be used in cancer treatment programs.

Techniques to Try

1. Meditation

The method involves breathing deeply while sitting in a quiet place. You can repeat a phrase or a word that will help you relax. This enables the patients to acquire control of their thoughts. Although the technique looks simple, it is used to help patients ease stress and develop coping skills.

2. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

The technique is applied to relax one body muscle at a time. It requires one to lie down in a quiet place. The person should tense while relaxing each muscle group. The method helps the mind to take control of body muscles.

3. Visualization and Imagery

The technique involves creating a beautiful scene that will take your mind away from your stress. A good thought brings joy and facilitates the healing process. Drug rehabs use the method to encourage addicts to visualize an alternative, food or drink, that will make them happy.

To be clear, although the mind influences body functions, it is not a cure. People who reject conventional medication may succumb to their illnesses. The mind provides the support that is required to get through a disease. For instance, it enables the body to heal faster by providing positive thinking.

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