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Mistakes You’re Making Trying To Improve Your Health

Don’t feel bad or discouraged if you haven’t been able to improve your health or reach your wellness goals. It could simply be because of the fact that you're making a few mistakes that can easily be corrected with a few changes on your part.

The problem could be that you’re working against yourself instead of helping yourself out when it comes to enhancing your wellbeing. The key is being honest with yourself and then working hard to get to a better place. Spend some time learning more about what it is that could be holding you back from attaining your goals and then begin to slowly make changes that allow you to overcome your roadblocks.

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Refusing to Evaluate & Change Your Habits

Your habits play a key role in whether or not you’ll be able to improve your health over the long-term. Sit down and evaluate what you’re doing each day and how you can make improvements to your lifestyle. Maybe it’s that you’re choosing to sleep in instead of hit the gym or eat out at restaurants versus cooking for yourself. It’s easy for habits to become routine and not recognize the havoc they're bringing to your life if you’re not paying attention.

Following Others & Failing to Create Personalized Objectives

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for losing weight or getting healthy, and this is where many people end up losing their way. You have to be in tune with your mind and body and not assume that what works for someone else will work for you. What will help you succeed is if you stop comparing yourself to others and taking on their health and fitness plans. For example, set weight loss goals for your body type and come up with a reasonable timeline that fits your lifestyle. Follow the goal-setting framework and tailor it to your needs to experience more success instead of automatically assuming what others are doing is the right approach for you.

Giving in to Your Excuses

Unfortunately, excuses are very easy to come up with and difficult to challenge unless you’re paying attention. Acknowledge what thoughts are going through your head on a daily basis and how they may be creating unnecessary obstacles when it comes to improving your health. While it’s true you could be feeling too tired to hit the gym, many times exercising will actually have you feeling better and more energized post workout then if you were to stay sitting on the couch.

Expecting Overnight Results

It’s easy to give in and give up when you’re working extremely hard and aren’t experiencing the results you had hoped for. The truth is that it takes time to adjust habits and actually get your health back on track. You can’t expect to lose weight overnight or that you’ll all of a sudden love eating fruits and vegetables over sugar. Allow yourself time to adjust, take one day at a time and track your progress so you can see for yourself all you’re accomplishing.


One reason you may not find yourself living a healthier lifestyle is that you’re falling into the trap of making a few common mistakes. Improve your health by educating yourself first and foremost and then challenging your old habits. Relax and give yourself a chance at finding balance and getting to a better place.

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