Avoid Macular Degeneration

5 Things You Should Do to Avoid Macular Degeneration

Medical experts have not been able to get to know the exact reason behind macular degeneration or its cause. However, there are some factors, which increase the risk of having it for sure. Therefore, to be able to protect your eyes from macular degeneration you must avoid these risk factors. Here is a list of a few things that you should do in order to avoid macular degeneration. This disorder can also affect your eyesight, so make sure you get yourself checked at a good Eye Care Center in New Jersey.

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  • Avoid Smoking

Smoking not just damages your lungs but it also has a huge negative impact on your retina. The chances of being diagnosed with macular degeneration increase by two to five-fold. In order to function properly, the retina needs a high amount of oxygen to consume and anything that interferes with this equation puts forth a risk of developing macular degeneration. In this case, smoking is the reason that causes oxidative damage, thereby contributing to the development of this disease.

  • Avoid Prolonged exposure from sunlight

Though there is no concrete evidence to support the notion that prolonged sun exposure might cause macular degeneration. However, studies show that being exposed to UV rays for a long time has a negative effect on your retina. Even when you are out there in the sun, you must carry a pair of sunglasses with you in order to avoid any damage to your eyes.

  • Avoid high-glycemic index foods

People who eat foods which have high amounts of cholesterol, fats and which are high-glycemic index foods and low in antioxidants are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with macular degeneration. Therefore, it is advisable to eat green leafy vegetables as much as possible. High-glycemic foods include pasta, rice and bread, which are responsible for raising the blood sugar levels. Oatmeal, whole grain bread are lower-glycemic food items and these lower the risk of getting your retina damaged. They are known to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

  • Exercise regularly and fight obesity

It is naturally known to all that obesity comes along with a lot of health problems attached to It and exposes a person to the risk of heart attack and weakens the immune system. It has been found out that a person with a Body Mass Index greater than 30 is two and a half times more likely to develop the disease of macular degeneration than a person with a lower BMI value. Therefore, it is highly advised to be active and exercise as much as possible. You can choose anything that suits you such as swimming, yoga or running. It promises to fight the retina problems. As the retina does not get adequate amounts of oxygen it leads to the death of cells in the macula. Hence, improving your cardiovascular strength by exercising will help largely.

  • Maintain normal blood pressure levels

High blood pressure leads to the narrowing of the blood vessels, which provide adequate oxygen to the retina, and therefore the oxygen flow gets restricted. Therefore, you must control the other medications and try to maintain the normal blood sugar levels.

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