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Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Lots of slip and falls, tumbles and accidents that happen as a result of lost balance result in little more than the injured party needing an icepack. Kids typically fall often as they run, climb, play sports, and challenge themselves. However, slip and fall accidents can also be the cause of broken bones and fractures, concussions and other traumatic injuries. Anyone who slips and falls needs to read these next few steps closely so that any potential damage is minimized, and care is received quickly.

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Assess the Damage If Possible

After slipping and falling, you may be able to get back up immediately and walk around as if nothing happened. In other cases, a slip and fall at work often leaves those involved feeling momentarily stunned. It can be difficult or simply not safe for someone who has just slipped and fallen to rise to their feet without assistance. Therefore, you will want to move slowly and deliberately if you have fallen and hit the ground. Rise up slowly, checking each part of your body for potential injury as you move your limbs and torso. Note if it is difficult to stand, sit, or squat, as literally any part of your body can become injured during a slip and fall.

Get Medical Care When Necessary

When medical care is necessary after a slip and fall accident, time is a very crucial factor. Although injuries such as fractured ankles or slipped discs are not life-threatening, getting an injury victim to the hospital faster has been shown to reduce the severity of the trauma and injuries. For instance, getting someone who has experienced a slip and fall-related accident to a medical facility faster also leads to faster assessment, diagnosis, treatment, physical recovery, and discharge. Getting people through the emergency medical care pipeline faster is also related to better overall long-term recovery.

Recover and Move Ahead

As soon as you get medical care after your injury, a long-term recovery plan can be put together. Those with broken bones generally need to get casts, sign up for a few months of physical therapy, and then can go on with life as usual. A slip and fall at work victim could potentially suffer a bad back injury, need to take substantial time off from work, and even then, may have continued back problems and a limited range of mobility. Someone in that position would be encouraged to consult with a lawyer about the merits of their case.

A person may slip and fall because of ice on the ground, or at work where a custodian failed to put up a caution sign after mopping. Some injuries can be recovered from after a day or so, and other injuries due to slipping and falls may necessitate surgery, physical therapy, and months off from work. A slip and fall injury could occur because of third-party negligent behavior, making legal compensation a real possibility. Discussing any legal options you might end up pursuing with an attorney is the most convenient step available to determine what comes next.

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