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Quit Smoking to Save Holiday Cash (And Your Life)

If past years are any indicator, the holidays will be here sooner than expected. Men gearing up to make their spouses, kids, parents, and friends happy with gifts are going to need the money to buy them.

If you’re in need of generating a stack of cash for presents over the next few months and happen to smoke, now is a great time to kick the habit. Not only is it a healthy decision, which could save your life down the road, but the money saved can be put aside for the holidays.

Okay, so maybe quitting cold turkey isn’t going to fly this season. Calling it a somewhat stress inducing time of year would be putting it mildly. If this is the case, then switching to e-cigarettes may be in the cards. It’s repeatedly hailed as the healthier alternative to standard smoking.

What's all the Fuss about Vaping?

But wait – I thought we were saving money? Finding the best tobacco e-juice for vaping sounds like a great way to prevent the dangers of traditional smoking from taking hold, but how much will it cost?

It turns out e-cigarettes are actually cheaper than traditional smokes. Sure the upfront investment seems steep, but over time it is far more cost effective to use e-cigarettes than light up a classic smoke. Seize the moment: it’s not often the healthier option is also the cheapest.

So you’ve run the math and it turns out you don’t have to stop smoking cigarettes to save money for the holidays. Great! Still try and kick the habit! (Did you really think we’d let you slide otherwise?)

Smoking and Various Diseases

Let’s go over well worn down ground for the sake of guys who just don’t want to face the music. Heart attack, stroke, and cancer – are three very fatal things which cigarette smoking increases the chances of developing.

But wait – there’s more! Prolonged heavy smoking has also been linked to Alzheimer’s – an ultimately fatal disorder of the brain resulting in an array of mental impairments.

Furthermore, there is a solid link between cigarette smoking and the formation of prostate cancer at a relatively early age. In fact, studies show  the risks of prostate cancer are doubled if a man is a smoker.

Recapping the consequences of continued cigarette smoking, one can only arrive at a two-pronged conclusion:

-Smoking leads to less money to go around for family and fun. Though it’s different from state to state, the typical traditional smoker is going to shell out about $1500 annually for the habit. Even if the switch to e-cigs is made rather than completely quitting, money will still be saved, as the vaping alternative is shown to be cheaper.

-Smoking is bad for your body, head to toe. Skin ages prematurely, hair starts to look like ash, and teeth have a corn yellow look to them. These are just the superficial consequences of standard cigarette smoking. The brain is at risk, so is the prostate, and just about everything in between.

Final Words on Kicking the Bad Habit

As the holidays approach, think about using it as motivation to kick the habit. If anything, try and migrate to e-cigarettes to save some money and steer clear of the toxic consequences of cigarette smoke.

Of course, it’s hard to argue against the mental and physical achievement of conquering any vice for good – but waiting till the holidays are over to completely give up smoking in all forms is certainly understandable!

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