The Adverse Effects of Psoriasis Flares when you have Depression

Depression may be a word that is thrown about by any person feeling the Monday blues, but clinical depression is an ailment with a large victim base. Depression is described as the feeling of acute sadness, characterized by an overwhelming feeling of helplessness, obsessive thoughts of death, anger and frustration, interfering with routine life.

The causes of depression are wide and varied from the death of a loved one to break-up with a lover, from failing in to going bankrupt, from inability to understand one’s environment to crumbling under the pressure of living up to expectations. Physical appearance and the value attributed to the same is also a cause of depression. Psoriasis being a condition that results in angry spurts of red scaly skin that does not easily subside can be a cause of depression for those who place physical appearance at the top of the priority pyramid.

Even otherwise, the pain and stress that accompany psoriasis can be tough to deal with and thereby induce depression. It is not uncommon for those suffering from psoriasis to plunge further into depression. Tackling this response is critical for the well-being of an individual.

  • Medication

The first step to dealing with depression is to record an improvement in the curing of psoriasis. Do not overlook of neglect your health and be sure to follow prescriptions and medical advice to the fault so as to be able to gain quick results. This bolsters your confidence and gives hope that normalcy is round the corner, thereby helping fight depression.

  • Join / Form a Psoriasis Support Group

Support or self help groups are effective in dealing with any psychological issue. This is because when you discuss your concerns with those undergoing similar situations, the advice given is more authentic to you and you tend to believe. Research has shown that more than 60% of psoriasis sufferers who joined online psoriasis groups gained some control over their emotions, and about half claim that their quality of and outlook towards life improved considerably. More than 40% of the sample group said that the intensity of their skin conditioned lowered on taking part in this form of interpersonal communication.

  • Take a Walk

Physical exercise and a breath of fresh air are beneficial to health. Besides, the vitamin D provided by sunning is all the more important for those with psoriasis as the mineral helps cure the condition. Vitamin D is a part of the medicinal prescriptions given by doctors too, along with UV therapy. Thus a walk in the sun or spending some time exercising or even reading in a park can be beneficial.

  • Plan Your Diet

Ensuring that your diet is full of requisite minerals is your way of taking control and effectively fighting against psoriasis. Consult your doctor to be able to plan out a diet that is rich in vitamin D without inviting any side effects to fortify your body. Instead of taking to alcohol to drink your way to oblivion or isolating yourself, take interest in the foods and beverages that will help you fight psoriasis and improve your skin condition.

  •  Seek Professional Help

Seeking professional help to deal with the psychological and emotional toll taken by those undergoing depression engendered or enhanced by psoriasis is a wise move. Often, seeking professional help is put off because there is a stigma attached to the act, taking it as a sign of weakness. It is important to be aware that seeking professional help is a sign of acceptance and willingness to work on thwarting a problem, and is a sign of strength of the mind.

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