Pradaxa Side Effects

Pradaxa Could Lead to More Than A Lawsuit

When deciding whether or not to take any type of prescription drug you must always weigh the benefits against the potential dangers and risks. And even when you think you know the potential risks, do you really?

Introducing Pradaxa

When it comes to direct thrombin inhibitors such as the drug Pradaxa the risks are now higher than ever due to case studies and research showing the serious problems these drugs have caused to their users.

Pradaxa, which is a drug used as a blood thinner, has become increasingly popular in recent years. With this drug being a huge pharmaceutical money generator it is easy to see why the companies that produce these type of products have not wanted to take it off the market, even given the serious risks they possess.

Given the dangers users have experienced there has been an increased number in the amount of lawsuits filed against these companies. And given the serious side effects some users have experienced, it is only fair that they are entitled to compensation due to the damages their bodies have endured due to the use of these drugs.

Is Compensation Enough?

Is compensation really going to make up for the fact that without their knowledge they were taking a drug that had unknown and serious side effects? Most believe that compensation is the least that these companies can do since these people’s lives will never be the same again.

Some of the side effects from these drugs include: serious bleeding, vision changes, slurred speech, and weakness on one side of the body, persistent/frequent nosebleeds, and even death due to excessive bleeding.

This leads to the argument of whether simple compensation is enough to right the wrongs made by the makers of Pradaxa and other thrombin inhibitors. While the manufacturers believe compensation is fair, most of the users believe that there is nothing that can be done to help users that now face even more serious health conditions.

A Glaring Example

An example of how this drug has negatively impacted users can be shown through a case in Nashville, Tennessee in which a man was improperly prescribed Pradaxa even though he had an existing heart condition that his physician did not ask about. After taking Pradaxa for a year he suffered a stroke due to intestinal bleeding he experienced while taking this drug.

[box type=”note”]This example is just one of thousands that have been filed across the US due to side effects of Pradaxa which people have experienced in the process. With all of these side effects and the misleading marketing strategies conducted by these manufactures it has been proven that the use of Pradaxa can lead to more than just a lawsuit.[/box]

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