Breast Implant Illness Discovery or Myth

Breast Implant Illness: Discovery or Myth

It is less likely that you would have heard of the term Breast Implant Illness by now because it’s a relatively new term. It has not been decided yet what all problems this term constitute and it is yet to be recognized in an official capacity.

However, women face several psychological and physiological problems after getting a breast implant, and yet no one talks about the elephant in the room at least on the national forum.

Breast Implant Illness Solutions

The activists are using the term BII to bring to light the implications of a breast implant and advocate that the women opt for one judiciously only after understanding every facet of it.

Although some women have reported wide-ranging symptoms over the years, the researchers are still trying to establish a direct correlation with implants. They are ambiguous as to whether these symptoms stem from an unrelated illness.

Here’s what you should know about this perplexing problem.

BII is an unofficial term used to connote a range of symptoms that women experience post breast augmentation of reconstructive surgery.

The hive mind of BII is largely based on the self-identified symptoms, subjective evidence that women have produced to their practitioners and the accounts that women have shared on social media handles dedicated to this very topic.

BII appears to be associated with a wide range of potential health effects. Commonly reported physical and mental symptoms to include:

Speaking of the hive mind again, BII seems to have been related to various health concerns. Commonly reported signs to include:-

  • Fatigue syndrome and headaches
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Bronchitis
  • Hair loss
  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Poor memory
  • Anxiety

Besides, some women have complained about chest pain, sensitivity to light and hormonal misbalance post the surgery.

Is there more to breast implants than what meets the eye?

Even though many researchers have inquired into breast implant safety and the possibilities of its adverse effects on the overall health, the result is not substantial enough to infer any link between BII and the surgery itself.

Even though there is a lot of vagueness around BII and whether these symptoms can be linked directly to augmentation or reconstruction surgeries, there are some usual suspects (symptoms). Women experience them in a graphic pattern after going under the knife.

The jury is yet to give a verdict; however, many BII symptoms resonate with autoimmune and corrective tissue disorders. On the contrary, the general cluster of BII doesn’t seem to indicate any definitive disease diagnosis.

ASIA — clearing a dark spot

While a considerable lot of women who experience BII symptoms are diagnosed with autoimmune disorders or a connective tissue disorder, the more significant chunk of them are not. Researchers also hold that women are likely to experience a systematic inflammatory reaction to their silicone implants.

The hypothesis that some women might be naturally wired to develop an immune reaction to the materials used in implants has been named as ASIA inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants.

Among the many theories justifying the very existence of BII, ASIA adds up in the best way possible.

Breast implant illness solutions

Having stated that ASIA is a usual suspect, the AI is still not clear about the modus operandi of BII. They can sometimes knock right after the surgery during the recovery period or even surface up years late. It’s almost impossible to decode the pattern here.

If your primary care doctor can rule out other potential causes of your symptoms, either through testing, unsuccessful treatment measures, or both, you may consider implant removal.

Suppose your General Practitioner can narrow down the potential causes of your symptoms via diagnosis and other invasive tests, then well and good. If not, you may well have to go for implant removal.

As of now, implant removal or otherwise reconstructive surgeries are considered to be the best remedy for long term relief from BII. The reconstructive surgeries can counter the allergies to a whole lot of extent as the surrounding scar and hardened rim around the implant can be removed altogether, and in more cases than not, patients experience immediate relief.

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