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Inversion Table Therapy to Fight Back Pain

Are you hunting for an inversion table to fight back pain? You’re probably having a hard time picking the best inversion table with so many models and different brands available today. While the scientific evidence behind inversion table healing is well known, the vast range of inversion tables for sale will make it hard for you to choose the right one.

There are some crucial aspects to be considered while buying an inversion table. Durability and the quality of the material are important, as you let your entire body weight rest on it. Your table is supposed to support your complete load and hold you still even while you hang upside down. The table you choose should be flexible enough to support your postures. This can’t be taken lightly, since there’s no point in relieving your back pain only to fall and injure yourselves. If you pick an unknown brand of inversion table, intending to save a few dollars, then it might lead to serious health hazards. Always go for a comfortable and durable, best inversion table available in the market.

Know your Back

Coziness is another great aspect to be considered, while buying an inversion table. If your ankle padding or body locking system is not comfortable, or doesn’t fit your body type, then the whole back pain relief therapy becomes irritable, and you eventually give up in less than a week.

It’s highly essential that your inversion table can be easily assembled and set up. Always go for an inversion table that can be used within minutes after set up. The table should be simple enough for you to easily strap your body to it, make your preferred handle adjustments, strap in the ankle lock, and begin the inversion process.

Safety goes first!

You need to be sure that the base you’re lying on is firm and secure, before angling your body at all sorts of new positions. Surprisingly, numerous people just assume that an inversion table is safe to use, but they are capable of breaking under pressure, or get twisted over time. Although, this usually happens to the super cheap and low quality ones, make sure that you don’t compromise on your safety for saving a few more dollars.

First see whether the primary housing is made of steel or any other durable material to check that your inversion table is secure. This’ll ensure that you’re always on a solid foundation, and your table doesn’t bend over time. The next thing to look into is checking for secure ankle locking clamps. If you intend to invert past 20 degrees, then it’s essential that you’re securely fastened to the table. You can exercise effectively, focusing on target specific areas by fastening yourselves to the table.

Know the features!

An inversion table can do more than just angle your body at odd shapes to stretch it. They can also do numerous other things that can significantly help you relieve your back pain, and ensure that you get the best possible outcome from inversion therapy. One best feature found in the inversion table is the lumbar bridge. Many tables come with this little add-on, which is used to give an extra stretch to your lower back. It’s an arch-shaped bridge that can be lined up with your back for added comfort and spinal alignment. This lumbar bridge will be of great benefit for people suffering from lower back pain. The inversion table also has many other features, like traction pads, acupressure nodes, and vibration cushions.

Go for branded tables

Finally, you need to buy the best inversion table from a reputable company that offers good customer service, and all the required warranties. The longer the warranty period, the better the product will be. Some companies also allow you to test their tables before you commit to buying them. It’s always good to look at the table and know your comforts, before buying one.

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