Healthcare Jobs with Little Experience

5 Healthcare Jobs That Require Little Experience

You don’t have to have a wide range of medical experience to work in the healthcare industry. You certainly don’t need an advanced degree, unless, of course, you want to be a doctor. For some positions, no training, degrees, or previous experience are required. Many others require certification or post-secondary program certificates that do not take a long time to complete.

In the United States, the aging population will require more health services than any previous generation in the coming years.

Physician Assistant

Healthcare also represents one of the most diverse industries in terms of job availability. There are jobs available for people with all different kinds of skillsets. Look through your local job postings, and it’s easy to see what kind of opportunities are out there. One thing that isn’t always listed in the qualifications is previous experience in the healthcare industry.

If you’re thinking about entering the healthcare industry, it may be worthwhile to try for one of these jobs while you either work through a degree or certificate to get a more advanced position. You may not become wealthy working one of these jobs, but the experience can help you determine your path forward.

After all, a large portion of healthcare industry responsibilities revolves around dealing with people at their most uncomfortable. This is something any one of these opportunities can help you learn.

Whatever your goals may be, there are opportunities available in the healthcare industry that require little or no experience. This is not an exhaustive list, just five examples of what is out there.

Medical Secretary

Median salary: $34,000

Education: high school, sometimes a certification

Medical Secretaries are responsible for supporting the physician staff through sorting mail, documents, and phone calls. They schedule patient appointments, make arrangements for referrals. They also may be responsible for billing, accounts receivables, preparing reports, knowing patient histories and maintaining records.

Medical Assistant

Median salary: $28,880

Education: usually requires post-secondary program certificate

Medical Assistants provide information and assistance to patients. They are usually responsible for getting medical records, maintaining medical supplies stock, and performing maintenance on medical equipment. They may also prepare patients for examinations by performing preliminary tests such as taking blood pressure and temperature.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Median salary: $24,000

Education: high school and approved training program

The main role of this job is to provide basic care to patients and help them with daily activities. They also work with medical technology, like billing and medical recording software. These assistants may bathe and dress patients, serve meals, take vital signs, and more.

Home Health Aide

Median salary: $20,520

Education: Certification preferred by not required

With a projected job growth of 38 percent over the next decade, home health aids will be able to stay employed for a while. They are generally responsible for monitoring patients in their homes and reporting on their condition. This role may also include providing personal services, like transportation.

Physical Therapy Aide

Median salary: $22,000

Education: Certification not necessary

Physical Therapy Aides support physical therapists by preparing treatment areas, the patient, and all equipment and materials to be used. They may even get to perform certain procedures or exercises under the supervision of the physical therapist.

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