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Growing Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

A growing industry who's overall benefits or safety risks have yet to be determined over time is, Electronic Cigarettes. It currently is estimated to generate over 7 Billion dollars in sales annually and a growth rate expected to exceed any one's wildest expectations.

There are several reasons for this remarkable success not the least of which is the big tobacco company's entering the market in the 2012's after realizing this was not just a passing fad. They now are the largest manufactures of E-Cigarettes and their marketing and promotion has influenced its growing popularity. In Canada, as well as the U.K. and the EU, the story is much the same, people are finding Vaping a fun substitute to traditional cigarette smoking and for many a part of a stop smoking regiment.

However, ex-smokers account for only about 40% of the market and recreational users make up a majority of the rest. As with any product of this nature Governments are quick to regulate it and so it is with E-Cigarettes. The European Parliament as well as the US FDA have passed regulations for standardizing the liquids and the personalized vaporizers used. The listing of all ingredients, child proofing containers and other restrictions are other examples.

The fact that there now over 466 different brands of E-Cigarettes and their associated other methods of Vaporizers are, surely indicative of their popularity. Over 8000 thousand different flavors of the liquids known as E-juice are available for the Vapors with or without containing nicotine. A recreational culture seems to be emerging around Vaping exploring the different flavors and different equipment in a social setting. It appears to be a successful alternative to delivering the nicotine addiction in a less harmful and intrusive manor and, it's almost like a hobby for some.

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The entertainment value in choosing from such variety in and of it's self attracts many new users and it seems to be tasty, satisfying, and enjoyable. Inhaling exotic flavors such as sweets and desserts like, Banana Cream Pie, Fruits like Black Cherry, or Sour Apple, or Orange is something new to the average smoker, but it's that excitement of trying something new that adds to the vaping experience. Don't forget your Chocolate Mint, Blueberry, Cinnamon, Caramel Coffee, or cantaloupe, you can vapor these as well. Now, there are many thousands of retail stores in the U.S. and Canada but, over half of vapor companies do their business online.

An example of one that is reputable and offers it all is out of Ontario, Canada. The greatest appeal for the traditional cigarette smoker is perhaps that, with Vaping it feels much the same as a regular cigarette when you inhale the vapor containing nicotine and it helps stops the craving. Technology is helping to develop ever more realistic feeling E-Cigarettes and who knows? One day soon it might totally replace combustible tobacco products. Though there is much health research going on with Electronic smoking products, at this point it seems to be the very best alternative.

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