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More than just a Massage: The Health Benefits of using TENS Machines

The device is connected by wires to viscous pads, and the electrodes are then fitted on the skin and once switched on they pass on a small quantity of electrical current to the body like tender electro convulsive therapy, which helps in easing various types of pain.

With a stinging sensation, the electric current is capable of restricting or minimizing the pain signals that go through the spinal cord and then to the brain. The fundamental operation of a TENS machine can be explained by individually considering the terms, Transcutaneous which means through the skin, and Electrical, which suggests that TENS equipments distribute minute electrical pulsations to the body by means of the wires and self-adhesive pads placed on the skin. TENS machines have an effect on the path where pain signals are sent in the direction of the brain. Also, Nerve, which represents the nerves and spinal cord through which pain signals reach the brain. Finally, Stimulation – if pain signals can be obstructed by the tiny electrical shocks from the device then the brain will collect smaller amount of signals derived from the source of the pain.

Portable TENS Device

Portable TENS Device

TENS devices work by placing two pads on the skin of the affected area. It then emits an electric signal that relieves the pain by stimulating the natural opioid receptors in the spinal cord and brainstem. TENS is a non-invasive method to treat pain. Pain signals may be changed with an adequate amount to supply momentary or even enduring pain relief. In addition to restraining pain, this form of electrical stimulus can also improve restricted circulation and alleviate or altogether eradicate muscle contraction.

How does a TENS Machine help?

TENS is a non-medical specialist technique of curing pain. Moreover, studies and researches assert that it has immense fitness benefits. If while positioning the electrodes exactly above or encompassing the sore area, the device does not perform at its best, a patient will obtain extra relief by placing the electrodes over the area where the spinal nerve root exits the vertebra. TENS reduces increased pain sensitivity in inflamed areas of the body, be it knee joints, back pains like spine degeneration, disc problem, etc. TENS also helps in neuropathic problems. Health benefits from TENS are numerous like pain relief, improved blood flow and curing sleep disorders; diminish the use of sedatives or other painkilling drugs, better activity and function.

It is important to use a TENS machine under the guidance of a doctor or other health expert. A TENS machine is controlled by the user but is not suitable for all types of pain or all disorders. It is suggested that you keep a diary of the pain levels, the settings used, and the information of the medicines that are taken for pain relief. By analyzing these notes the best grouping of electrode position and unit settings that gives the most pain relief may be established. If used properly, the machine can give you huge benefits in the long run.

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