Ejuice Types

Gradually Gaining Experience on the Various Ejuice Types

Vaping is a rather amazing pastime! Much unlike smoking, here one does not light up a matchstick, or burn processed leaves for the high! Instead, you have specific devices called vaporizers containing a cartridge of a special liquid mix. By the flick of a switch, you charge up coils that either combust wicks soaked in the liquid or the juice directly. Vapor is produced by this action, which would taste and smell as the label on the eliquid says. A whole spectrum of amazing flavors is available in multiple categories.

Things to Note

You also need to select the right vaporizer. Options include e-cigarettes or pen vaporizers. Sub ohm tanks, RDAs, and RTAs. Most of the usual tanks one finds are some improvised variants of the basic pen vaporizer technology. Once you are accustomed to them, it should be easy to choose a special unit depending on your high expectations. The location factor also matters. No matter the type of ejuice you smoke, using a big unit in public is inconvenient and rather weird for people who do not know what it is! Instead of being the cause of raising eyebrows, you can always settle for a fine pen vaporizer.

With growing awareness of this interesting practice, many places that restrict smokers still allow vaping these days. For instance, it is allowed in many upscale restaurants, several airport lounges, corporate boardroom zones, and artist studios. However, even at these places, it is important to maintain the public decency of not bellowing huge clouds of smoke. To be able to do that, you would either have to try it at home, or with friends.

The Experience

These days, you can also find cafes where customers are served their favorite vapor mixes. These places, fancily called vaporiums also host competitions such as cloud chasing. Participants compete to exhale the greatest volume of smoke in a single puff. You would need some experience to be able to do that! Typically, a 100% VG juice with 3.6% nicotine is the perfect choice for a veteran user.

However, newcomers may feel somewhat light headed and nauseous. VG refers to Vegetable Glycerin. The glycerin is derived from different kinds of herbal extracts, and it does not induce any sharp sensation to the throat like PG does. Propylene Glycol is a fossil fuel derivative and is responsible for the sharp tangy feeling in the throat.

Ideal Recreation

Typically, the 80/20 ratio is preferred in VG-PG concentration. 100% PG juices are not available normally, but many users become so hooked up that they make DIY brews with propylene glycol. In the context of potential abuse, it is necessary to know that nicotine in itself is not addictive! Yes, the dependency you develop with cigarettes is not necessarily due to nicotine, but also attributable to other chemicals that get into the mix due to industrial processing of the leaves.

With an ejuice, you can enjoy the high with as high as 3.6% nicotine, but minus the tar stains caused when you smoke. Even when you want to stay away from nicotine, there is also an option with the 0% V nicotine concentrates for light recreation.

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