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5 Techniques to Overcome Drug Addiction

If you are an addict looking to overcome your drug issue, one of the initial steps you need to take is to admit that you have a severe problem that needs to be addressed. Once you realize that a change needs to be made, you can plan how you are going to overcome the addiction. You will, of course, face obstacles and setbacks along the way, but with the right help and support, these will be far easier to manage.

5 Techniques to Overcome Drug Addiction

If you are determined to beat drug addiction, here are a few tactics you should try for the best chance of success:

1.  Write down the harmful effects of your addiction

Although you may already be aware that your drug addiction is harming you both mentally and physically, the effects may not resonate with you until you put pen to paper and jot down how it is having an impact on your life.

You should write down the reasons for getting addicted in the first place and ask yourself what is now stopping you from trying to beat the addiction. Consider what the addiction is doing to your body and mind which may be preventing you from living a normal life; how your addiction is having a negative impact on your important relationships, and if it is taking a toll on your finances. Perhaps you have been forced to give up driving or have been caught drug driving and are now feeling isolated. Is drug addiction worth sacrificing all of this?

Once you have written down all the negatives, write down the positive changes you want to make in your life if you are able tokick the habit. For example – you may be able to spend more time with your loved ones or have more time and energy to start a new hobby. You may gain the confidence to seek a new relationship or have more disposable income to spend on that dream holiday you have always wished to go on.

2. Seek professional help

You may not feel as though you need any help to beat your addiction, but in most cases, extra support is a necessity to overcome severe drug addictions. There are many support groups you can join either in person or online to chat about your issue, in which you can share experiences and help one another with the recovery journey. You may wish to seek professional assistance from a therapist or counselor who can provide you with useful techniques to overcome the addiction.

Over the past few decades, drug use has become a major concern within India. The country has witnessed a 455% increase in drug use  between2011-2013 alone, therefore, has been forced to raise awareness of drug addiction and provide the necessary support.

The first step to getting help is to endure a detox treatment. This tends to be the initial phase to come off the drugs and manage withdrawal symptoms. This treatment enables the body to remain stable and as it rids itself of the harmful substances. Many drug users believe they can manage the withdrawal process alone, however, without a detox treatment, a relapse is extremely likely. A rapid detox clinic may be the best solution to beat your drug addiction once and for all.

3. Identify your triggers

For many with an addiction, cravings are set off by one or several triggers. For example, if you are in the company of a certain group of friends who have always encouraged you to take drugs, you may feel more inclined to cave in if they are offered to you. Stress is also another common trigger which can force people turn to drugs, alcohol or smoking to calm themselves down. You may never have thought too deeply about what triggers you, but it would be worth understanding what sets off your habit when you finally make the decision it is time to quit.

4. Relieve stress

As stress is one of the key factors of drug use, there are many self-help techniques you can try at home to reduce stress-levels and hopefully allow you to stay sober. Different stress relief techniques work for some better than others, therefore, it is all about testing what works for you.

Exercise is a great way of keeping your mind occupied and your body moving. Staying active has been proven to reduce the stress hormone known as ‘cortisol’ and increase endorphins in your brain to make you feel positive. Whether it be a brisk walk in a relaxing, open space with your dog, or a jog around the neighborhood, making sure you get the blood pumping is great way of keeping your stress levels at a manageable level.

According to research, playing with your pet dog or cat can significantly reduce the amount of stress and tension in the body. Mrs.Cobb, a student studying at Monash university claimed that stroking a cat had been proven to release the happy hormone oxytocin. This hormone significantly reduces stress and the heart rate.

5. Be around supportive people

Don’t try and overcome addiction without the support of loved ones – even with the correct professional help, you are going to need people around you who have your best interests at heart. Surrounding yourself with good friends and family is a key aspect in aiding your recovery.

If most of your friends are addicts, it would be worth seeking new social relationships. Although it is difficult to turn away from people who are close to you, you need to understand that you are making this decision for your own wellbeing. Revolving yourself around addicts may draw you back into the habit and prevent the recovery from going as smoothly as possible. It can be difficult to make new friends if you don’t consider yourself a very social individual, so why not join a new class, attend events or volunteer in the community?

If you currently don’t live in a drug-free environment, it may be worth considering living elsewhere until you are sober; whether that be with a relative or in a sober-living home.

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