Annual Checkup Checklist 2019

An Annual Checkup Checklist for 2019

Others might prefer to find a concierge doctor in Portland or in their city because they are busy and they need a doctor to visit them to perform this examination instead of the other way around.

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No matter what, please realize that a yearly medical exam is very important. The results of this examination will determine the state of your health and help your doctor decide if it’s time to put you on a new medication, alter the prescription of your old medication, or do absolutely nothing because your health is intact.

As an example, your doctor might determine that you are suffering from hearing loss. If you live in the Santa Clarita Valley, SCENT will help with hearing aids to restore your hearing with the aid of a medical device. Or you may live in a different community and your doctor will have to recommend a trusted hearing specialist to intervene on your behalf.

Regardless, just know that there are certain things to be expected during your annual checkup. We will share a list of these things so you can make sure your medical doctor performs these tests the next time you go in for a visit. 

A Checklist for Your Yearly Doctor Visit

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Doctors need to look after the health of their patients each year and many do so in the form of an annual checkup. Whether your doctor employs remote patient monitoring systems or not depends on the technology they have available in their medical practice. In some cases, this helps doctors monitor their patients from afar when they have ongoing illnesses. In the case of an annual checkup, this remote technology isn’t necessary but it certainly can be helpful.

During your annual checkup, you should expect your doctor to perform the following tests while visiting his or her office. They include:

  • checking your height and weight
  • checking your blood pressure
  • checking your cholesterol levels
  • checking your eyes
  • checking your ears
  • checking your throat
  • checking your blood sugar levels
  • performing a chest x-ray if you are a heavy smoker
  • performing an echocardiogram if you are at a high risk for heart disease

As you can see, your doctor certainly has his or her work cut out for them when you come in for your annual visit. Obviously, you need to maintain excellent health so your doctor definitely needs to run all of these tests to make sure your body is still in good working order.

We all need to maintain a certain weight based on our height. That’s why your doctor needs to measure your height and weight once a year to find out if you are still in line with current recommendations. If not, your doctor might tell you to lose weight or recommend a dietitian or a specific diet to go on to drop those unwanted and unhealthy pounds.

If your blood pressure is too high, your doctor will have to prescribe medication to help you lower your blood pressure levels. The same holds true for your cholesterol levels and if your blood sugar is too high, you’ll need to receive an insulin prescription to help keep those levels in check.

Final Thoughts

It should be plain to see that it’s important to stay on top of your health and this is especially true as we age. The older we get, the greater the chance of a need for medical intervention to keep us healthy. Your annual checkup will determine if and when the doctor should intervene with medicine or other treatment options, so do not skip this important yearly visit because it could mean the difference between being sick and staying healthy.

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