4 Signs That Indicate the Need for Dental Implants

4 Signs That Indicate the Need for Dental Implants

A significant crisis seen among the people living in cities like Sydney is tooth damage. Due to the fast-paced life, many children and adults resort to having junk food, drink liquids with high amounts of sugar. Not having the time to follow a proper oral health routine leads to infection and damaged teeth, requiring a visit to the dentist to get the best dental implants in Sydney.

4 Signs That Indicate the Need for Dental Implants

Many people might not be aware of missing or damaged teeth because it is a cosmetic problem. It also affects their diet, food intake, chewing, and talking. Without a dental root to support the gums, they might get weak and shrunken. A dental implant is a standard surgical procedure where a fixture is placed inside the gums or the jawbone in place of the damaged or missing tooth. In a few months, this fixture fuses with the bone and acts as a replacement root for the missing tooth.

To help identify the early signs of tooth damage that indicate the need for dental implants, check the list below.  

1) One or More Teeth Missing

Adult teeth, once broken, do not grow back. But letting space be might lead to many issues including infection, and headache. Implants are a great solution to the problem as they fill the gap and bring the natural look and oral health back. They are solid and durable, allowing the wearer to eat, talk, chew and live their lives like they usually would. If chewing is an issue due to multiple missing teeth, this procedure is sure to help such people.

2) Broken or Several Cracked Teeth

People suffering from broken or cracked teeth have only two options to fix them: dental implants and dental crowns. If the damage is severe, it is recommended to remove the remaining part of the teeth and place implants to ensure that they don’t harm the gums or the individual. Consulting a dentist is necessary to assess the situation and make the right decision. Implants are long-lasting and protect for many years to come.

3) Issues with Denture Adhesives and Denture Care

Wearing and maintaining dentures can be a tedious process as it involves wearing and removing them periodically to have them cleaned. Applying denture adhesive could be another inconvenient task. The best alternative for this is dental implants. They provide the same amount of support and protection, but they come with a more straightforward oral care routine. They need to brush and floss the teeth 2-3 times a day to keep them clean. It is recommended to wear a nightguard if the person grinds their teeth in their sleep to minimize the pressure on the implants.

4) Infected Teeth

If a tooth is infected mildly, then it can be treated with specific procedures. But if the infection is too severe to cure, it would have to be pulled out and replaced with a dental implant. The new implant would then serve as the new tooth and prevent the infection from spreading and bring back the smile to the face. Regular flossing and brushing are necessary to prevent new infections from occurring.

Apart from these, it is also recommended to get dental implants in Sydney if they observe a loose bridge, sunken face, or loose dentures to ensure long-term safety. Good dental health is fundamental to the overall well-being of human beings.

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