Since the beginning of human civilization, people and our ancestors, in all forms, have wondered about the deeper meaning of life. People have wondered about the galaxies and the stars, and also about the depths of the truth of our existence. 

For many years, people have learned a lot about the deeper facts like our spirit. There is little to no evidence about the reality of our existence, but people have indeed made a lot of theories that many of us believe in and have also seen the evidence. 

The 5 Chakras

For example, people believe that more than just a deficiency of vitamin D or calcium, there are other factors that can affect the health of our bones and joints, like a blockage in our root chakra. 

If you are suffering from a disease related to bones like osteoporosis or arthritis, of course, the first step is to see a doctor or use myaxyl. But there are other ways to aid the healing and ensure the health and well-being of our bodies. 


Science fiction is that world that excites us all and tingles our logical mind that has years of practice to be able to understand the world through our five senses and logic. While it is fun, it is fiction, which means that in our time and place, those kinds of things probably do not exist. 

Spirituality is another field of study and belief that excites a lot of people. Also, an area that remains unknown to most of us. We can argue today that it is not very far from experiencing it in some form or another. 

So unlike science fiction and how most people would like to believe, spirituality is experimental, and many scientists have evidence to support some theories that spirituality talks about. 

One of these aspects talks about the seven chakras. These represent energies in our body and are in the form of a spinning wheel. In order for the body to function in perfect harmony and enjoy health and well-being, these chakras should remain open, spin freely, and be aligned with each other. 

There are seven chakras that we know about, and each one helps a different aspect of our well-being. One is not better than the other, and each one has to remain perfectly functional for the overall well-being of one’s body and mind. 

  1. THE ROOT CHAKRA: This is situated at the base of the spine and is red in color. The root chakra is supposed to help us feel grounded and let our spirit feel comfortable and at home in the physical body and our three-dimensional world. Blockage of this chakra may result in diseases related to bones or blood or simply pain in the legs. Ayurvedic treatments like myaxyl can relieve you from pain in bones and help activate this chakra.
  1. THE SACRAL CHAKRA: It is situated below the belly button; this chakra helps us feel safe in our relationships with other people and also the center of creativity. Blockage in this chakra may result in difficulties with sexual intimacy as well as being open to creative ideas. 
  1. THE SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: It is situated below the breast bone; this is yellow in color and responsible for our relationship with ourselves. Blockage in this chakra may result in poor gut and stomach disorders. Sometimes, it results in poor self-confidence and also anxiety that can be felt in the gut.
  1. THE HEART CHAKRA: It is situated in the center of the chest; this chakra is green in color and responsible for our ability to give and receive love in all forms. Blockage in this chakra can cause hurt from relationships and even heart diseases. 
  1. THE THROAT CHAKRA: It is situated near the throat; this chakra is blue in color and responsible for our ability to communicate efficiently without fear. Blockage in this chakra may result in disorders related to the throat. 
  1. THE THIRD EYE CHAKRA: It is situated between the eyebrows and is indigo in color. This chakra is responsible for healthy discernment and trusting our own intuition. Blockage in this chakra may result in stress between the eyebrows. 
  1. THE CROWN CHAKRA: This chakra is situated outside of our bodies at the top of our head. It is bright violet in color and responsible for our deep connection to the divine. Blockage in this chakra may result in one feeling aimless and disconnected from the higher power. 

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