Penile Fractures a Very Painful Injury

Penile Fractures – a Very Painful Injury

You will probably break a bone at some point in your life. That’s perfectly normal. Unless it is a particularly nasty fracture, you should recover in 6-8 weeks. But can you break your penis? Is that even possible?! Let’s find out!

Can You Break a Penis?

Can a penis break? Yes. As the proud owner of a penis, you are undoubtedly familiar with how it works. Of course, you know there isn’t any bone or cartilage in there, although it may feel as if there is when you’re super excited. To explain what happens when a penis “breaks”, we need a quick biology lesson.

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A flaccid penis is a small, soft appendage. It flops around and has no rigidity. When you get an erection, blood surges into your penis, inflating it like a balloon. Each cell fills with blood and expands, causing your penis to grow and harden. This is a good thing. If you can’t achieve an erection, you can’t have sex. The problem is that an erect penis is vulnerable if it's twisted, bent or manipulated beyond the realms of normal sex/masturbation. If that sounds absolutely horrifying, you are correct – subjecting a penis to such treatment will feel painful. If the damage is extreme, your penis will break.

How Does a Penis Break?

Remember what we said about blood and balloons? Well, each of the blood-filled cells in your erect penis is like an inflated balloon. If someone grabs your penis and bends or twists it very hard, some of those balloons will burst. Burst cells leak blood. This is what happens when you ‘break’ your penis.

In the event of extreme trauma, blood vessels rupture and tissues tear. There will be a lot of pain. A LOT of pain. Be prepared to scream, cry, and pray for release from this everlasting torment. Your penis will likely swell up as blood seeps into surrounding tissues. It will look like a hideous purple vegetable. You may even hear a pop or crack when it happens. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, don’t expect your erection to stick around.

Fixing a Broken Penis

Don’t sit or stand there screaming. Rush to your nearest A&E. If you have broken your penis, surgery is necessary. The doctor will have to repair the damage and manage the bleeding. If all goes well, you should be back to normal in a couple of months. To find out more, check out the following article: What Happens When You Break Your Penis?

How to Prevent a Broken Penis

We won’t speculate why a penis break might happen, but we do recommend that you choose your partners more carefully or avoid using household appliances in controversial ways.

The other way you can damage a penis is by trying to force an erection down or out of sight. It is common for adolescent men to have unwanted erections. We all get them. Even mature men get them: you see a hot woman in a bikini on the beach or your partner sends you a racy Snapchat at work and, bingo! The important thing is not to manhandle your penis. Instead, breathe deeply and think of something innocuous, like President Trump’s hair blowing in a stiff breeze.

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