Clever Tricks To Help Congested Babies Breathe

Clever Tricks To Help Congested Babies Breathe

When taking care of a baby, you would do everything to make sure that he or she is always comfortable. But if your baby is always congested, finding ways to alleviate the condition could be a challenge.

You cannot simply make them take cold medicine to take the congestion away. Fortunately, there are several techniques to clear your little bub’s nose from mucus buildups.

Clever Tricks To Help Congested Babies Breathe

Snotty Noses, the manufacturer of a battery-operated nasal aspirator for babies, shared that simple actions, such as placing the child in a comfy position, can do wonders to help him or her breathe properly. Here are some time-tested methods to get rid of snots so your little one will start feeling better as soon as possible.

Keep Baby Hydrated

Keeping babies well hydrated is one of the rules of thumb to nurture them properly. It will become specifically crucial when the baby feels congested.

Adequate hydration is necessary because the added fluids in the body can be used to flush out the excess mucus and other particles that clog the baby's sinuses. Newborns up to six-months-old must be given lots of breastmilk or formula milk, then slowly introduce water beyond that age for more hydration.

Get Rid Of Irritants

Babies still have developing immune systems, which is why they are more susceptible to allergies from dust, dirt, pollen, and pet dander. If your baby is always congested, you must remove the common irritants in your surroundings to relieve the symptoms.

You may sweep and dust your home regularly to remove the specks of dust indoors. It would also help to close the windows during spring so the pollen will not enter the house. Also, investing in an air filter would help if your baby is extra sensitive to allergens.

Put The Baby In An Upright Position

Congestion makes it hard for the baby to breathe. To make them feel more comfortable, you need to place them in an upright position.

For newborns or very young babies, you can place their heads in your shoulder and hold their bodies straight. Once they can start sitting on their own, you can place pillows on their back, so they sit straight for long periods.

Decongest With Nasal Aspirators

Since babies cannot blow their nose on their own, you should help them by sucking away all the mucus buildup using nasal aspirators. These devices function by drawing out the mucus from inside the nose through a bulb or a soft tubing.

There are different types of nasal aspirators available in the market. Some are the manual type where you must squeeze out the rubber end before you put the tube's entrance in the nose opening. Others require you to apply gentle suction through a mouthpiece. Meanwhile, others run using batteries to help with the mucus extraction. The founders of Snotty Noses revealed that this tool could remove the congestion in as fast as 10 seconds.

Caring for babies could be challenging, especially if they are not feeling well due to congestion. So always make it a point to keep them as comfortable as possible when they have proper breathing problems. If the congestion symptoms last for more than a couple of days, it is best to take them to the doctor for proper treatments.

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