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What Healthcare Jobs Can You Get with a Bachelor’s Degree?

Some people believe that jobs in the healthcare industry can only be had by those who have had a master’s degree or a graduate degree. Not everyone who finishes four years of college goes the distance and finishes a graduate degree to increase their chances of better employment. It is understandable why not that many people aim for jobs that require more than a bachelor’s degree, and this is because of the cost of going through more years of study.

A lot of people wish to start work as soon as they finish college in order to start living a life of financial independence as well as to start paying off any student loans they may have. For those who cannot see themselves finishing more than a bachelor’s degree before they can start their career in healthcare, here are some options that you might want to consider.

Physician Assistant – as the name implies, those who are in this profession assist physicians and surgeons with the basic tasks that need to get done in order to properly treat a patient. These include the taking of medical histories, assisting the patient when there are diagnostic tests to be done, and writing down information for the doctor to use. Aside from these, a PA will also be tasked with ordering a doctor’s medical supplies, ensuring that medical equipments are working fine, and supervising other staff in a doctor’s clinic.

Health Educator – not everyone knows how to live a healthy lifestyle, but with the help of a health educator, you will find yourself well on the way to good health, as long as you follow their advice. Yes, a health educator educates you on what should and should not be done in order for you to live a life away from diseases. Those who choose to enter this line of work will find themselves educating not only individuals, but entire communities as well, about the importance of exercise, proper nutrition, ample sleep, and avoiding habits that can cause you to get sick.

Clinical Laboratory Technician – individuals who choose this line of work will be tasked with performing the many diagnostic tests that doctors send over. They help physicians find out what is ailing a patient and to give them the kind of results that will help produce an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes called medical technicians, those who wish to spend their days looking under microscopes, and handling test tubes that contain substances that need to be tested, a course geared for this is required. You need to find programs that are accredited by the ASCLS, or American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, and you also need to keep yourself updated when it comes to the latest technologies used in laboratories with continuing education.

Dietitian – this is another job that helps keep people healthy and prevents people from worsening health problems due to diet. Dietitians are often tasked with teaching people how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through what they eat, and they do this for both healthy individuals and those with medical conditions. Dietitians are sometimes given the job of managing the food service systems of healthcare facilities, as well as teaching patients what to eat and what not to eat when diagnosed with a specific ailment (diabetes, hypertension, etc.).

Healthcare Administrator – Professionals with healthcare and business knowledge help institutions deliver healthcare services in an efficient and effective manner. Healthcare administrators plan and direct services in hospitals, clinics, managed care organisations, outpatient care centres, diagnostic laboratories and public health agencies. A bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration is often the minimum requirement to fill various medical and health services managerial positions. This is where a Healthcare Administration Degree Online gives you an edge.

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