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What can you do with an MPH Degree?

For those who are interested in health issues and want a degree that will enable them to play a role in improving the lives of individuals and families, a Masters of Public Health or MPH degree may be the right path. The program varies from institution to institution regarding admissions requirements and course offerings, so it is a good idea to do research on a number of different schools before applying. Those who graduate with an MPH degree may work in public relations, assume administrative roles in facilities or lead health organizations.

Keeping the Public Informed

One factor in the improvement in life expectancy in the last century is the public’s awareness about safety hazards and steps they can take to improve their health. Awareness about the dangers of cigarettes, excessive alcohol consumption and sugary drinks have positively influenced the habits of millions of people. When there is a health crisis, professionals in public health are counted on to instruct the community urgent ways to avoid danger or illness and things they can do to protect their families and inform others.

The role of a public health professional is valuable in preserving lives and is a career you can consider after completing an MPH degree.  There are many institutions to choose from if you want to pursue an MPH. Browse the web to learn how you can obtain an MPH from USC.

Environmental Health Specialist

Environmental health professionals work in a variety of settings and have a large range of tasks. They may be employed by the state or federal government or international organizations or could be researchers at universities. These specialists do regular inspections of various kinds of equipment and ensure they comply with regulations intended to protect the environment and public health. Those entrusted with these duties are well-versed in the most up-to-date version of regulations and are skilled at inspecting, monitoring equipment and collecting and interpreting data. These professionals regularly fill out reports and may have to cancel licenses of those who violate standards.

Health Data Analyst

There are many ways of generating and receiving information, but an expert eye is required to analyze that data efficiently and draw the right conclusions. Those who earn an MPH or a degree in health informatics may become health data analysts. These professionals use software to collect, analyze and document data, and may work in a number of settings, from government organizations to insurance companies. In addition to an MPH, a health informatics background is ideal for this kind of work. You can learn more about a career in health care informatics by browsing the web.


Those pursuing an MPH usually need to take courses in epidemiology, and some specialize in that subject. Epidemiology is the science of determining the general health of a given population. The professional working in the field will look at living conditions, how many people are vaccinated and the healthcare services that are available in the area. This field of study involves predicting trends and providing healthcare organizations with valuable information.

There are many other ways an MPH will prepare you for delivering health information to the public and improving general health and safety. Whether you work in health-related public relations or research, an MPH degree is a good place to start.

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