Essential Reasons Why CPR Certification Is Important

Essential Reasons Why CPR Certification Is Important

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, most hospitals around the world need to deal with a lot of patients than they can usually accommodate. Currently, health facilities need to prioritize the people who acquired the virus to prevent the spread of the infection and lessen the number of patients dying from it.

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But to treat more severe accidents like drowning or choking, you need to look for someone who knows cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). If no one in your family knows how to resuscitate a person involved in an accident, you may need to get a CPR online certification to save the person’s life.

Here are several valid reasons why you need to know the basic CPR techniques, especially during the COVID-19 phenomenon.

Reason #1: To Save A Person’s Life

You need to get a CPR online certification is to help save someone’s life, especially now that healthcare workers are too busy saving thousands of people from a potentially fatal disease. According to a 2018 report, over 356,000 people died from sudden cardiac arrest before they can reach the hospital. If you managed to perform CPR on a person experiencing cardiac arrest, you would help preserve his or her brain function during the arrest. Also, the patient’s blood flow may continue to keep them alive while on the way to the hospital if you managed to apply CPR properly.

Reason #2: Helps Patients Remain Comfortable

If you have the right knowledge about CPR and the basic first aid skills, you will increase the chances of making your patient more comfortable during the medical emergency. Since you know the techniques to apply in such situations, you will be able to remain calm throughout the incident. It will also help reduce the anxiety of the patient until he or she receives proper medical attention.

Reason #3: To Help Serve Your Community

Having a certification in CPR can make you a valuable member of your community, especially if your neighborhood does not have a lot of medical practitioners. By having someone in your community, workplace, or organization who knows how to apply first aid or CPR, the chances of saving more people’s lives would increase. It would also help if you encouraged others to take CPR online certification classes with you so another person will be able to save your life when needed.

Reason #4: Prevent Worse Situation

While most home accidents do not need immediate hospitalization, it may cause more problems if you will not do anything about it right away. The symptoms may become worse if left untreated. But if you have the right training for CPR and first aid treatments, you can make sure that the medical emergency will not aggravate further.

Training for CPR and first aid certification is very crucial if you want to help in saving a person’s life during a medical emergency. It will also inspire you to look after your welfare since you could be the go-to person in your home and community to save their lives. More importantly, knowing the basics in CPR and first aid will allow you to stay home and avoid the hospitals, which are brimming with patients who have the COVID-19 virus.

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