Confident Glow at Glasgow

Get Back Your Confident Glow at Glasgow

Do you feel all left out from your band of friends because of self-image issues? Among different issues, the commonest one for men inevitably has to be hair fall or alopecia. You not only stop appearing at social functions but also avoid looking at the mirror. Sometimes, the effect can manifest by the other extreme, whence you would look repeatedly at the mirror, much like a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with quack therapies that actually do more harm than good by suggesting diets, oils, pills, cosmetics, and potions for re-growing hair. However, none of these would actually work because (believe it or not) the exact cause for hair loss is still under research! Some genetic and digestive factors do explain, but even then it is a vague area.

Permanent Recovery

The only permanent method of recovery is to resort to an apt surgical procedure. If you live in the Glasgow area, find a good hair transplantation facility. Given the worldwide demand to retrieve lost appearance due to unmanageable balding, it has developed into an extensive surgical procedure. A competent hair transplant Glasgow clinic would offer the latest methods of FUE and FUT. Both Follicular Unit Extraction and Transplant would work if hair is available on the head to serve as donor areas.

 Hair Care

Typically, the hair for transplantation is obtainable from the temples or the back of the head. When your baldness is permanent, and there is no chance of getting live follicles, the surgeon may suggest micro-pigmentation. It is essentially the process of tattooing the empty scalp with dots making it look like a closely cropped head. In rare circumstances, the doctor may also obtain donor patches from other areas of the body.


Follicular Unit Extraction is the process of obtaining hair as unit strands from the donor zone. The doctor would segregate and preserve each piece of hair with a live follicle before implanting these on the bald patch. The hair is then expected to grow naturally in the new area, but it also depends on whether the bald zone is supplied with sufficient nutrition. Sometimes, the doctor would also inject a serum of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in the scalp to activate hair growth. In Follicular Unit Transplant, the hair obtained is further made into grafts by a surgeon. It is largely the same as the other process, but the main difference is in the extensiveness. FUT is considered perfect for covering large areas and is more invasive of the two. The surgical procedure can take up to 6 hours and is done under local anesthesia.

Beautiful Hair

The applicable method suitable for your unique needs would only become clear after a personal visit to the hair transplant Glasgow facility. Before you note down the address of the facility, take a look around their service website for assessing the expected user experience. Do they show before-after photos following the surgery? Are they providing guaranteed positive results? You need to be fully sure of the offerings. Apart from scalp hair procedures, many patients also look for beard and eyebrow transplants. All info has to be duly available at their website so that you call them up at the contact number to schedule your appointment.

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