Robust Healthcare Workflow Solutions

Key Features of Robust Healthcare Workflow Solutions

In the healthcare sector, patient documents containing sensitive information must be kept confidential and handled with great precaution. Due to this, hospitals are one of the most highly regulated organizations. However, they face challenges while adhering to regulatory authorities like HIPAA.

Furthermore, there are other processes like finance, staff management, and logistics that also need attention. Manual procedures to handle these processes get a little overwhelming since they are time-consuming. Thus, healthcare workflow solutions, based on automation, are an optimum fix for this concern.

Key Features of Robust Healthcare Workflow Solutions

These solutions are feasible with the help of an optimized electronic health report (EHR). An EHR assists in reducing the staff's manual hours needed for several joint activities. Let us now see the key features of these robust workflow solutions.

Real-time Transparency for Perioperative Workflow

The real-time perioperative workflow management helps in improving the OR throughput and an exceptional utilization of existing resources. The real-time visibility of the workflow makes it convenient to access updated patient status. Further, real-time OR tracking helps to view the current OR schedules.

Staff can easily track the live OR status on their mobile devices or digital whiteboards. There are options to send automated notifications to update the team about cancelled or rescheduled cases. This feature makes real-time tracking of clinical and non-clinical tasks simple. Besides, it promptly informs the responsible team about the required action item.

Coordinated Workflow Tasks to Reduce Patient's Stay Duration

Medical staff can make an informed decision based on the current status of the patient in the clinical workflow. They can quickly check which patient is waiting for what medical report or test.

This feature enables efficient bed management. Staff can proactively reserve bed assignments, as they have access to patients discharged and those getting admitted. The patient's waiting time gets reduced due to a faster turnaround for tests.

Real-time Patient Appointment tracking and Management

With real-time monitoring, staff can follow daily schedule changes. They know when and where to pick up the patients and whether any patient has unique needs.

This feature also helps to improve the healthcare workflow solutions by indicating elapsed time at each stage of the workflow. Staff can determine how long a patient has been waiting and also the duration of a long-pending request.

Collaborative Appointment Scheduling

This feature eliminates the time taken for a patient to fix an appointment over the phone. With this feature, phone tags are no more required to schedule an appointment. The healthcare facility staff can see room availability and accordingly block slots for visiting cases.

Not only can patients exploit the benefits of this feature, but the staff can also manage vendors efficiently. For instance, they can track with automated ordering, the equipment required for surgery.

Automated Communication with Physicians, Patients, Patient Families, and Vendors

As all clinical and non-clinical information is available in real-time, medical practitioners find it feasible to interact with patients, their families, and even vendors. The feature simplifies case management, like the staff and room reassignment.

Likewise, patients and their families automatically get access to fully-customizable health updates.

Automation has made healthcare workflow management very robust and efficient. By streamlining, healthcare facilities have reduced hospitalization and overall costs.

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