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The Role Of Voice Recognition In Medicine

Voice recognition software is increasingly finding its way into practices across the nation. As the technology improves and clinicians become more comfortable using the technology, patients should expect to see a significant rise in its prevalence. According to a new KLAS report, 90 percent of hospitals intend to expand their use of voice recognition software. Voice recognition software benefits practitioners by providing an easily accessible transcript of procedures and more intensive documentation.

The Role of Dictation

As voice dictation software becomes more prevalent, it will begin to replace the role of the medical transcriber. This places documentation more fully in the control of the attending physician. The entire documentation process is dictated and controlled by the doctor in a single sitting. Once the practitioner is done dictating, the document is ready for distribution.

Reduces Handwriting Mistakes

Voice recognition software eliminates the issue of illegible handwriting. With dictation software it's easier to take notes and easily review dictated notes. When combined with an electronic health record, speech-to-text is more likely to provide complete and comprehensive documentation. It helps to reduce the costs associated with paper-based methods.

Demand for Increased Documentation

There is an increased demand for documentation in even the simplest procedures. Failure to properly document patient visits may result in insurance companies failing to properly reimburse practices, and it can severely reduce the profits of a practice. Voice recognition helps compensate for the decrease in available medical transcriptionists. Documentation can be completed promptly, and practices can spend more time with patients once a successful voice recognition program has been implemented.

Decreased Turnaround Times

The ability to benefit from decreased turnaround times is a huge benefit to practices. According to Ahima, delays are commonly experienced in the range of 24 to 48 hours. This delay in reporting can hinder the ability for doctors to make informed decisions about a patient's health and recommend the right procedure for the job. Physicians can use voice technology to go from dictation to signing reports in a matter of minutes with dictation software. Hospitals can have documents sent to the patient's primary physician in a matter of minutes.

Reducing Errors

Many reports that are created using traditional systems are not properly reviewed and often contain errors. Doctors using voice recognition software have an easier time editing documents, and there are less errors with voice recognition software. The time-savings provided by voice recognition software makes it easier and faster to edit documents before the physician signs the documents.

Better Decisions are Made

Since speech recognition can reduce the amount of time needed to prepare a document, many medical practices are now using the software to make better decisions. By reducing the amount of time it takes for physicians to make information available, it's possible to get information to the appropriate department quickly. This is especially useful in trauma situations where a few extra minutes can mean the difference in saving a patients life.

Server-based Approach

Using a server-based voice transcription program can drastically improve the efficiency of an operation. Since these technologies use cloud-based systems, the medical practice doesn't have to worry as much about keeping computer software updated. Voice recognition software that uses cloud-based technology continues to improve and stays updated automatically.

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Voice technologies role is essentially designed to increase accuracy, and it can help improve the quality of patient care. It's important for practices that aren't using the technology to start thinking about implementing the technology into their practice.

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