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The Best Vape Pen for every Situation

It is needless to settle for a vape pen that can only handle loose-leaf marijuana, waxes, e-liquids or oils when a single pen can handle all these things. Multimode pens are quickly dropping down to double digits, and it is easy to find them. However, plenty of these tobacco and cannabis-vaporizing devices perform as if you purchased them at a 99-cent store.

Unreliable firms manufacture plenty of them; firms whose primary focus is utilizing components selected for discount pricing instead of the performance. The best vape pens available are Pinnacle Pro DLX (the best overall), V2 Pro Series 3 (the best for e-liquids) and Ago G5 (the most informative).

Pinnacle Pro DLX (The Best Overall)

The Pinnacle Pro DLX has a number of pros that makes it the best overall. For instance, you can use this vape pen while it is charging, a characteristic most vape pens do not possess. Moreover, the heating chambers and elements of this pen are efficient, making it heat to 475 degrees Fahrenheit from a stone-cold temperature within just a few minutes. The high-density plastic, which is the material of Pinnacle Pro DLX, is durable enough to last for long. As much as this vape pen has plenty of pros, it also features a number of cons: The mouthpiece is made of plastic, which comes out more easily. Another drawback of this vape pen is its price ($200), which is extremely high considering the facts that it is not only unable to vaporize e-liquids, but also offers a relatively short battery life. All in all, Pinnacle Pro DLX produces super-clean and water-cooled vapor, and this makes it the best vape pen overall.

V2 Pro Series 3 (The Best for e-liquids)

This $60 V2 Pro has e-liquid abilities in terms of unit durability, cartridge capacity, vapor quality and overall ease of use. In addition, V2 Pro Series 3’s 650-mAh battery is decent enough as an e-liquid vape, however, when heating loose-leaf, the battery drains more quickly. Unfortunately, V2 Pro Series 3 may not be the best 3-in-1 solution: There is still no firm release date for the Wax Can despite the loose-leaf canister being released for $24, which is more than an e-liquid canister replacement worth $8. CBD e liquid at macbd provides you with reliable e-liquid for your V2 Pro Series 3, the best choice for e-liquids.

Ago G5 (The Most Informative)

There is a lot to love as far as Ago G5 is concerned. For instance, this vape pen incorporates an incredibly essential LCD, which monitors the battery charge and counts the quantity of puffs you take between charges. Therefore, you hardly get stranded with a dead battery since you know exactly the amount of charge you are left with. Furthermore, Ago G5 has a 650-mAh battery, which can take about twelve hours between charges and moderate use. One major drawback of this vape pen is its low-quality coiled wire heating elements for both the loose-leaf cans and wax: They often lead to scorched buds and uneven heating. Fortunately, Ago G5 is relatively cheap and goes for as little as $40.

Vape Pens


Before buying a vape pen, consider the following qualities:

  • Powerful battery, which can last for a minimum of twelve hours when the vape pen is used moderately.
  • Hot heating elements, which are efficient enough to vaporize the botanical.
  • Durable heating chamber, which is easily loaded and does not break quickly.
  • An airway solely made of steel or glass to keep the pen’s taste pure.

Although the best vape pen can be relatively expensive, it has plenty of advantages in terms of performance, durability and efficiency. Best vape pens are available in multiple shopping centers such as KandyPens. For more information, visit

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