Get The Perfect Smile!

Your Dentist Can Help You Get The Perfect Smile!

Do you dream of having the perfect smile with pearly whites just like your screen idols and celebrities? If yes, you can get it by asking your dentist about cosmetic dentistry. Since there’s a wide range of treatment options on offer, even if you reside in Berwick, taking your pick can turn out to be quite difficult. Also, since people are most comfortable with a dental centre and dentist that is near home, your Berwick dentist can help you choose the most fitting treatment, based on your budget and requirements. Here are some suggests your dentist will offer you to help you sport that perfect smile!

Get The Perfect Smile!

Teeth cleaning/whitening

Teeth cleaning or whitening is a process that’s capable of removing discoloration and stains, thus giving you an aesthetically-pleasing smile. Though it won’t change the size or shape of your teeth, it is effective in giving your teeth a new life and in this way, transforming your smile!

Dental implants

If some of your natural teeth are missing, the gap created as a result could affect your smile adversely. It could even have a profound impact on your health as missing teeth could cause bone loss in the jaw, enhance the risk of decay in the neighbouring teeth, and even give rise to crooked or misaligned teeth. Your Berwick dentist can fill these gaps caused by missing teeth with the help of dental implants. It would not only enhance your smile but even empower your bite. If it’s not possible to use dental implants effectively, your dentist will suggest dental bridges to replace your missing natural teeth. When the objective is to restore your smile, this too is an effective and time-tested solution.

Dental braces

If there are gaps in your teeth or they are misaligned, your dentist may suggest the use of dental braces to correct the problem. Whether it’s about straightening the teeth or filling the gaps, such a treatment could help. If you detest metal braces or are reluctant to put them on, you could ask your las vegas pediatric dentist to use Invisalign instead. These orthodontic devices are transparent aligners that are almost invisible and pretty effective in correcting teeth misalignment while enhancing your smile and look.

Dental veneers

Your Berwick dentist may suggest veneers as a permanent solution to improve the alignment of your teeth or their colour, size, and shape. The process involves removing just a small amount of your healthy tooth after which the customised veneer is placed on it. You can make your veneers last for as long as almost 15 years with proper care and maintenance.

Dental bonding

Tooth grinding or biting and chewing hard food could cause chipped teeth. If you frequently suffer from such tooth chips, your teeth may be structurally weak and prone to more serious breaks and cracks. Neglecting small chips could even trigger bigger problems, such as a full-on fracture. All of these factors would impact your smile. Your Dentist may handle the problem of chipped teeth via dental bonds that can protect your teeth and even make them look great!

Often, a healthy smile can be achieved with regular oral maintenance. Your Berwick Dentist can help you with the task and even handle cosmetic issues like those mentioned above.

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