World Most Popular Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

World’s Most Popular Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

Hollywood celebrities aren’t the only ones who have cosmetic surgeries. They’re done all over the world. At any given time, a qualified surgeon may be performing a blepharoplasty procedure in Toronto. This surgery is not just for women, as men receive up to 150,000 cosmetic surgeries each year and some of those are even breast reductions. It’s not just for Caucasians either, with almost 1 out of 4 cases involving a non-white patient.

World€™s Most Popular Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

Here’s an overview of the more popular cosmetic surgical procedures:

Breast Augmentation

This surgical procedure is also known as augmentation mammoplasty, and it’s extremely popular all over the world. In the US, about 350,000 of these procedures are done each year.

The procedure is done to enlarge both breasts or to make one the same size as the other. It may also be performed for cases of congenital macromastia, when women’s breasts do not develop during puberty.

For most patients, recovery time lasts for about a week or two before they can resume their normal activities. However, more time to recover will be needed for high impact activities like running.


Plenty of people turn to liposuction when they get frustrated that their dieting and extreme exercises still won’t cause them to lose the pounds they need to shed. This procedure suctions fat from particular parts of the body to give patients a slimmer build.

The most popular type of liposuction involves the use of small hollow metal instruments called cannulas to suction off the fat from the body. The cannula works with saline, which numbs the area and constricts the blood vessels. But in Ultrasonic-Assisted Liposuction (UAL), the cannula uses ultrasonic energy to melt fat so that it can then be suctioned from the body.

A typical patient can get back to work following this procedure after recovering for about 1 to 2 weeks. It all depends on the type of liposuction, as UAL takes a longer time to recover from.


This is surgery that reshapes the eyelids. While this may be done for cosmetic reasons, it’s also performed on patients whose eyelids are obstructing their vision. You may want to consider this procedure when you have sagging skin or too much skin in your eyelids. Not only does it make you look older, but it can impair your vision.

Lower eyelids with wrinkling or chronic puffiness are also reduced during this procedure. You can then make sure that you don’t have eye bags anymore.

There will be swelling afterwards, but that should become less noticeable in several weeks or months. The average recovery for this procedure is about 10 days.

Lower Body Lift

The more commonly known term for this is “tummy tuck”, though of course doctors may prefer the term abdominoplasty for this procedure. In this case, the surgeon takes away excess skin from the abdominal area and then they tighten the remaining skin.

The profile of the ideal patient for this procedure is one who doesn’t have too much extra fat in the abdomen but has too much skin in the abdominal area. It’s quite a popular procedure for women, especially for those whose excess abdominal skin is the result of pregnancy. But others also go for this procedure after losing too much weight after bariatric surgery.

Breast Reduction

Despite the implications of the rising popularity of breast augmentation, there are some women who actually think that their breasts are too large. This procedure corrects that problem.

In fact, it’s often done for more than cosmetic reasons, which is why a large percentage of these procedures are covered by insurance policies. Large breasts can result in poor posture and chronic back pain.

Most patients can go back to work in 2 weeks or so.

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