Headaches and Neck Pain

When to Seek Medical Advice For Headaches And Neck Pain

If you suffer from headaches and neck pain, you are not alone. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 Americans today suffer from headaches, and millions suffer from neck pain. On a good day, you may be able to take some painkillers and get on with it. On a bad day, it can be totally immobilising.

Often Americans treat these ailments as a minor imposition and do not get the treatment they need. Today, however, there is no reason to prolong your suffering.

Here at Medical Island, we’ve frequently written just how important it is to get chiropractic treatment for headaches and neck pain. Chiropractors diagnose, prevent, treat and manage muscular-skeletal ailments, and the effects these issues have on the nervous system.  Neck pain and headaches are said to arise because of muscular skeletal misalignment. So, even small experiences of headaches and neck pain could be resolved by a visit to a reputable chiropractor. 

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What causes headaches and neck pain?

Headaches are a minor grievance which can cause huge problems. Chiropractors attribute headaches to irritation of the nerves and blood vessels of the neck. This irritation is said to occur when the seven cervical vertebrae of the spine become misaligned.

Misalignment can be a result of experiences of stress, either physical or emotional. When the spinal bones are misaligned, the irritation of blood vessels in the brain and neck is said to inhibit the supply of blood to the brain. This issue of circulation is described as one of the causes of headaches.

Chiropractors know the causes of neck pain are often simple. Poor posture and tension in the neck and shoulders all contribute to pain which can be very uncomfortable. Issues of posture and tension mean that muscles, ligaments and joints can contribute to issues of neck pain. Neck pain can also be an unfortunate consequence of the process of ageing.

Why see a chiropractor?

Chiropractors offer to help relieve the systems of neck pain and headaches. Chiropractors carry out assessments of your posture and how your range of movement is looking.

Chiropractors carefully explain what they think is wrong. They can offer a care plan which will detail the treatment they will provide you with. Chiropractors are trained individuals who help treat the consequences of misalignment of the spinal bones as they see fit.

What is chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractic treatment is a form of alternative medicine. This means that chiropractors will not write prescriptions for any kind of medication, and eschew surgery. Instead, they offer a hands-on approach to healing individuals.

Chiropractors offer to use manipulation to free joints that are stiff or restricted. When ‘manipulating’ joints, the chiropractor uses their hands and applies quick thrusts to the joints which experience restriction.

Treatments that chiropractors offer can be quite diverse. They include massages, stretching of joints, mobilisation (the gradual moving of joints) and electrotherapy. Acupuncture techniques are sometimes involved.

What Chiropractic Treatment Can Do for You

Chiropractic treatments, such as upper cervical chiropractic care offer to restore balance and harmony to the central nervous system. Following a specific upper cervical correction, the body is then said to return to its optimum function.

Upper cervical care specifically focuses on the relationship between the bones in the neck and the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord, as these two are critical aspects of health and wellness.

This treatment, which is both natural and nonsurgical, alleviates the pain of neck problems by keeping the area in alignment. It is a correction of poor posture, which causes a rebalancing and renewed centring which helps reduce stress to your neck and the rest of your spine.

One study has shown that with specific upper cervical care, headaches decreased in a test group of 30 patients by a whopping 92%. Chiropractor treatment offers the possibility for you to change your life for the better, offering a natural method without any use of drugs.

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