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What Are The Most Common Causes Of Hip pain?

Numerous factors and conditions can contribute to hip joint deterioration.  The hip joint consists of a ball-and-socket-like structure that facilitates the movement in the hip area.  In the joint, the femur rotates within the cavity.  Try to visualize how the femur must continue to rotate within the joint and you will be able to see the chance for friction.  Not only this, but there is a list of other reasons for pain to develop in the hip area.

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Any inflammation in the hip or in the region around it can be the underlying cause for pain in the hip bone and joint.  Trauma is another common trigger.  Consider the following list of hip pain causes and symptoms to see how to effectively alleviate the underlying issues and get properly treated.

  1. Sciatica: When the Sciatic nerve becomes pinched, the pain can radiate around the hip area and the buttocks.  This pain ends up extending down to the feet.  In such cases, the hip joint feels some pain and pressure, but the root cause is where the nerve is being pinched in the spine.
  1. Snapping hip syndrome: This is characterized by a snapping sensation that is felt when the hip is flexed or extended. This may be accompanied by an audible snapping sound along with pain in the surrounding area.  When the tissues around the hip rub against each other, this can often be the result.
  1. Fracture: When the bones are weakened or damaged, even a minor fall can lead to a hip fracture.  This especially is the case with advanced Osteoporosis, where even a sneeze can break a bone. It’s a condition that can lead to unbearable pain and frequent visits to the hospital ER.
  1. Tendinopathy: There are many muscles and tendons located in and around the hip joint.  When someone engages in strenuous activities, such as playing sports or while at the gym, there are many opportunities for these tendons and muscles to get injured. The hip flexor is often affected.
  1. Hip Bursitis: A dull ache can be felt with Bursitis. There are bursa sacs around the hip joint, and they help with keeping the area lubricated to avoid excess friction. When there is an injury, these sacs can become inflamed.  This can also happen as a result of infections around the hip area.
  1. Hip labral tear: When the ring of cartilage that lines the hip joint is injured, it is referred to as a hip labral tear.  This condition often leads to snapping & clicking sensations while engaging in activities.  The hip joint’s overall stability is compromised when someone is affected by this condition.
  1. Dislocation: This is one of the hip pain causes and symptoms that can be prevented.  It results in weaker and unstable hips, which can increase the risk of relocation of the joint. Only the hip pain causes and symptoms can determine the sort of treatment options required for you.
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