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The Challenges and Rewards of Caring for the Elderly

Caring for elderly individuals comes with many challenges, but it's not without some incredible rewards. Whether you've been faced with the responsibility of caring for an elderly loved one or you are considering making a career out of caring elderly individuals, your life will change in many amazing ways. Even with all of the physical and mental challenges, you will face during aged care, you'll be responsible for assuring these individuals the best quality of life possible.

Rewarding Career Path

There are many career paths that focus on elder care, including home care personal assistant, aged care nurse, and community support worker. By taking TAFE aged care courses, you'll get to spend time making a difference in the lives of many aged individuals. Aged care careers typically involve assisting the aged individual with tasks they are unable to do themselves, such as showering, eating, getting dressed, and leaving the house or facility. With this type of career path, you'll get to build incredible relationships and have your heart touched many times.

Lack of Mobility Challenges

When caring for an elderly individual, a challenge that can arise is lack of mobility. Whether lack of mobility is from severe arthritis or injuries, this person faces challenges when walking on their own. There are things you can do for someone with limited mobility, such as having ramps installed, removing unnecessary furniture, and getting an adaptive bed for them. Things like having kitchen appliances and accessories within their reach can make big difference in their life because it gives them their independence.

Emotional Strain Challenges

According to Jane Byrne, Project Manager from a nursing home in Bray, “Caring for an aged loved one comes with many emotional challenges. If you're married and have children, having to care for an elderly parent or relative may not always be easy. It can cause stress if you try to take on everything by yourself.”

If you have other family members willing to step in and help, work on assigning jobs that everyone can do. One person can take him or her to run their errands, while another family member or friend can clean their home for them. This will give you the time you need to spend with your family without the added stress of doing everything alone.

Choosing Home Care or Assisted Living Facility

A challenge that often arises when caring for an elderly loved one is whether or not they should go to an assisted living facility or remain at home. Many elderly individuals live a better quality life when they're allowed to live in their own home where things are familiar to them. There are others in recuperation whose needs are fulfilled by services similar to short term respite care with MACG. Some individuals, however, require constant care, which can make it a better option for them to go to an assisted living facility. If it's hard for you to give your loved one the level of care they need but you'd like them to get to stay in their home, you can consider having an aged care nurse come in and care for them.

A career in aged care can allow you to make it possible for elderly patients to age gracefully and keep their dignity. If you're caring for an aged loved one, remember that you don't have to do everything alone and it's okay to get help.

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