Simple Ways to Get Healthy Hair

Simple Ways to Get Healthy Hair

Hair loss can be an unpleasant thing to deal with. It is something most women encounter over their lifetime in one form or another, but it is still equally frustrating for each of us who may go through it. While some reasons for hair loss such as illness or genetic predisposition may need further attention, for many of us there are very simple changes we can make to deal with hair loss and encourage hair regrowth.

Are You Damaging Your Hair?

There could be simple ways you are harming your hair that can be easily corrected. Hair loss can often be the result of damage to the hair root or hair follicle. Regular shampooing and a good hair hygiene routine can help combat hair loss at the source. There is no hard and fast rule regarding how often you need to shampoo your hair. While many people choose to shampoo daily, many hair stylists encourage less frequency.

Shampoo by its nature creates a thick lather that helps clean your hair and scalp. This lather can strip the scalp and hair follicles of important natural oils that keep hair healthy and moisturized. Increasing the amount of time between shampoos can be a helpful way to keep those natural oils and to keep your scalp from drying out. Days between shampoos will vary based on your specific hair type. This can be safely done in conjunction with hair regrowth product therapy if damage has already been done. There is also typically an adjustment period and your hair may feel a bit more “greasy,” but that will change as your hair adjusts to less frequent shampoos.

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Additionally, looking at your overall hair hygiene routine can help find problem areas that can add to hair loss. The first place to start is by looking at your hair products. Many contain harsh sulfates that can damage the hair. Many conditioners also contain silicone like that can harm your hair. These are tricky because they are used as a moisture agent, but can harm hair in the long run. Silicone coats the hair shaft, making it feel lush and moisturized.

Over time it begins to work like a raincoat, coating the hair shaft to give it the appearance of moisture without letting any of the moisture directly into the hair shaft. Looking for ingredients that end with “cone” close to the beginning of your hair product list will help prevent adding too much silicone to your hair. If you have questions about the best products, a professional stylist can help you choose what works for your hair.

Diet and Hair Growth

Hair is by nature a living thing and an extension of our overall body. A poor diet can contribute to hair loss or leave hair open to damage.

Probably the most common diet contributor to hair loss is a low level of protein. When there isn’t enough protein present in your diet, the hair regrowth phase will often slow down. Hair is always in a growing or shedding phase. Robbing your hair of healthy protein can increase the shedding process while halting the growing phase.

A diet rich in healthy proteins and good fatty acids can stimulate overall hair and body health. Lean meats like chicken, healthy fish and nuts are all staples for a healthy hair diet.

By incorporating quality hair products and a balanced diet rich in protein, you can likely reverse hair damage and be on the path to gorgeous, healthy hair.

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